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Funny storys

Funny storys

Postby yes_im_txy » Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:48 pm

ok i was in matchmaking today and i got matched up against Buckness for those who don't know buckness playes for hall of fame and lives with Karma and Naded. Buckness is considered a pro. Anyway its onslaught flag and i kill him then he respawns i nade him and a teammate kills him. Then again and again and again till he quits. Then at the end of the game the other team said he started crying they heard a bang and then he quit out. LMAO i always thought pro gamers had a cool head but i guess not lol.. Theres no point to it just figured id share my day maker lol.

Then the second story of the day. i was watching a friend play shes good but not great anyway she starts to dominate and then it went black screen. the score was like 21-9 her team was winning. Then when it came back the score was tied 9-9 and she lost all her kills well after the game she finished with 8 kills so we looked at her medals it said 2 snipes 5 br kills 1 assassination and 2 beatdowns. Well lets do the math 2+5+1+2=yea you guessed it 10 but then if you go into detail it says she had 3 melee kills and 9 weapon kills lets do the math again 3+9=12 so were did her other kills go?????

heres the link i don't know how to get it to work so ill just copy and paste it.. ... heindystar

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