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  1. Silent Bob Damn you, Spacehog!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 03 2009

    Most of you probably never heard this little ditty called "In the Meantime" by Spacehog until its recent inclusion in Guitar Hero 5.

    I used to listen to that album all the time, but like many of us it dropped off my playlist some time in '97 or so (because there was NEW music, right?).

    It's got an infectious bass groove, but it's the opening "wooooo ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh oooooooooh" that has been going through my silly head all day. I can't shake it! I've even tried listening to other songs so something ELSE gets stuck in my head. Nothing's working so far.

    Oh, GH5 is pretty fun, by the way. It's familiar enough that you don't feel lost but has enough new features and game modes to really expand your enjoyment. Plus, I got to play as my chunky denim jacket-wearing, red hat-wearing, goateed avatar, so that was pretty cool too.

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  1. Silent Bob Silent Bob
    Posted On Sep 10 2009

    I hate to comment on my on Chronicle, but damn you Kings of Leon also! "Sex on Fire" is just like "In the Meantime" from Spacehog because it keeps showing up in the menus, repeating those hooky guitar or bass parts you just can't shake.

  2. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Sep 04 2009

    Never heard of Spacehog, but i'd probrably recognize it if i heard it. I loved a lot of songs from back then that i never knew the names of. Try childrens songs from Nickelodeon or the Disney channel. I swear that stuff crawls in your ears and lays eggs in your brain. lol

    You can Play as your Avatar in GH5? This is why i'll always prefer GH to RB, which means no Beatles for me. Sad