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Silent Bob has 40 chronicles

  1. Silent Bob Gamerscore Odyssey - the Omega

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 22 2010

    You may remember my chronicle about the Alpha (to this current Omega) of my Gamerscore Odyssey way back on 12/22/2008, when I created my very own gamertag instead of just playing the house accounts at Cyber Ops.

    It's not quite two years, but I'm over 50,000 as of tonight (75,000 by True Achievements' tabulation), and now I'm retiring the IM SilentBob gamertag. It may be active a few more days, but I'm passing it on to my son who is going to rename it.

    I had tons of fun participating in achievement contests with other game centers, playing LOTS of new games (which became so much easier when we closed Cyber Ops and I wasn't working 105 hours a week!) and trying to squeeze as much Gamerscore out of the ones I did get the pleasure to play as my meager skills could muster. Some games weren't a pleasure, and you will see my Gamerscore reflect not taking them beyond the first achievement. Some were games I just plain didn't like for one reason or another (GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption to name a couple), while others I just couldn't master combos (most fighting games except Soul Calibur IV, which was actually pretty fun and pretty easy) or that the 360 just wasn't suited for (I'm talking nearly every RTS created, with the exception of Civilization Revolution and maybe Halo Wars).

    I'll still be playing, but it'll be in an anonymous way now. Chasing achievements became a little bit of an obsession, and I was spending a little to much of my precious free time in that pastime. I've got a stack of Kinect games I can't wait to play with my son and nephew, the new Family Game Night 3, and some other casual games. I'm also looking forward to stuff like Batman : Arkham City, Alice : Madness Returns, and Deus Ex : Human Revolution in the coming year.

    I was never a big online player, especially shooters like Halo or Call of Duty, so none of you will miss me in that regard. The only one I liked and was actually okay at was Monday Night Combat, and that's still a title I'd recommend to anybody. It's one of the easily accessible games that you continue to build new strategies and techniques for the more you play.

    The only bad thing about passing on my Gamertag? All my freaking DLC! I've got TONS of songs for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, LIPS and other games, as well as a ton of XBL Arcade games. My boy promises I can play those any time. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

    The best thing? I get to open my Halo Reach XBox 360 Slim and set it up with my new account. I know - weird, huh? I buy a Halo XBox and don't really play the game. I just liked it because it's silver and made different noises than a "normal" system.

    Thus ends my Gamerscore Odyssey.

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Silent Bob has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Nov 27 2010

    Yeah, this is quite the accomplishment! I know we don't play too many of the same games on XBL, but it's always good to see you online and I'm always liking the reviews and insight from the different genres that you enjoy. I'm sure we'll see you soon Very Happy

  2. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Nov 24 2010

    Over 50K gamerscore is still pretty ridiculous, I've played for over 2 years and I have 6.5k Very Happy