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  1. thefabucrosser I guess I Should Write an ACNL Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 29 2014

    Yes, Ik it's nearly been a year since it came out, but I'm gonna write one anyways.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf is the Animal Crossing Series's newest addition. The whole AC game is about you living in a town full of animals and just living your life there. There's lots of things to do, like fishing, catching bugs, going to flea markets, buying furniture and clothes, and so much more. On ACNL, however, was a completely new experience for me and their rest of the crossers out there.

    On ACNL for the 3Ds, YOU are the mayor of the town. You can start projects, start ordinances, and you even have your own secretary! Another addition to the game is that the characters are somewhat "life sized." Your character is officially not a midget anymore! The characters are also different heights too.

    They even added a new category to the museum! Diving! You can finally swim in the game! You can dive for shells and other sea creatures too.

    But what about the old mayor? Where did he end up? Well, he runs a special island paradise where you can play mini games and earn medals, and you can buy the swimsuits EXCLUSIVELY there!!!

    Also, on the previous game, City Folk, there was a bus to go to Gracie Grace, the theater, and Redd's. Now, on ACNl, there's Main Street! All your stores are there. But Redd is back in his tent again :'(

    What is the theater? Well you can get emotions your character can make. On CF, you could only have 4. Now, you can have all of the emotions, and they're even more additions!!!

    Gracie grace is a fancy clothing store, and you have to unlock it when she visits the plaza. (The plaza where holidays are celebrated.) Gracie, the owner, gives you challenges and when you complete enough of them she'll come to your town!

    But flea markets don't exist anymore, but Retail does! It's a place where you can sell items, or place them for your own price and villagers can buy them. And you can refurnish your furniture there too! There are themes for furniture, and you can returnish it to new colors and patterns!!! It's really cheap too.

    The house expansions? Well, they brought them back! The full deal! Also, you can decorate your exterior too!

    Able Sisters? Well, now there's the QR scanner! You can scan clothing designs for
    your PC that other players create and then you can wear them. They're awesome! Also, on the old games, they only had shirts and the same bottoms. Now, they're dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, tanks, long sleeves, and tee shirts. And even shoes!!!

    Don't forget the show case. With spot pass, you can share your houses with other players and they can see how awesome your house is!

    And you can even have a job at the coffee shop too!


    Things I don't like about the game? Well, the best friend deal. You can have bffs online that you can message anytime you want when they're online. It's really cool, but here's a few things they should of done: We should of been able to have the maximum limit of friends as the same limit on the regular 3Ds friend code thing. Also, we should be able to type more than 10 words when you chat. It's so annoying! The process of becoming friends is also really annoying. It's too long.

    Also, the price of expansions and items went WAY up. I have to work WAY more than I used to. And when selling holiday furniture, It's not valuable anymore! I also hate how you have to pay for resetti. LIKE NO!!! It's also annoying that you can't use the cheats to get the tools. It's so annoying. I also dislike how the villagers never have the random conversations anymore. It's so funny and I love those! It's also annoying that you can't plant perfect fruit that isn't your town fruit. Like nO.

    Overall, the game is the best thing I've ever played. I have great internet friends and I have even thrown parties with my friends and it's awesome (=^ェ^=)

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