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  1. singer ROCK BAND!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 07 2008

    I absolutely LOVE this game. Very Happy
    For those of you that don't have it, HA HA HA. Laughing Sorry. Really, I am. Sort of.
    Anyways, this is beyond fun for drumming and singing people (i.e. mE) Smile
    It's fun to have at home. Especially when you can play with your brothers. Or you can have a bunch of people over and throw a party. Whatever, don't care.
    Graphics are pretty good. Shocked I love the music and you should be able to, like, download songs onto it. In, like, all genres. Haven't done that yet, but hoping to soon. Very Happy
    Love ya'll
    Ninja Singer Ninja

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  1. frygel frygel
    Posted On Feb 14 2008

    Rock Band is the best. I play it regularly and play Expert Drums. I guess you go to JQ/Taylor's school? Well I'll let you in on the band secret:
    JQ - Bassist Expert (He's the best. If anyone was a good bassist its this guy.)
    Taylor - Vocals Medium - Hard (Never shows up though so we get stuck with a crappy singer)
    Palmer (You might know him) - Guitarist Expert (Phenomenal Guitarist)
    Me (known as Ike, used to go to their school) - Expert Drummer

    This game is absolutely addicting and I can't stop buying DLC, I think I've blown an easy $50 on it already...