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  1. johnbiz10301 MLG Call of Duty Black Ops?

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 14 2011

    For those of you that follow Youtube and the Major League Gaming channel you may have seen the video I am writing about in this chronicle. On a video uploaded today, January 14th, there was an interview with MLG CEO Sundance. They were doing a Twitter question and answer segment with him and one of the questions was about what MLG was going to do in 2011. Sundance said one thing that really sparked my interest being a Call of Duty fan. He mentioned a "new shooter.... with black in the title" I think we were all expecting this but it looks like, unless there is a game I'm not aware of, Black Ops should be coming to the 2011 MLG season. Now obviously Call of Duty has been part of MLG since Call of Duty 4, but it has never been a game that they have brought to the LAN environment. They have always done online ladder tournaments and then made the only LAN event to be the national championship. We all knew that Call of Duty would still be a part of MLG, but the way Sundace made this sound, Call of Duty may finally be making the shift over to the LAN setting for all tournaments. Halo will still most likely dominate MLG, but being an Call of Duty fan I will be very excited to see it move to the LAN setting. I know I'll stay tuned to what is going on in the MLG world and waiting for it to hopefully be official that MLG is picking up Call of Duty Black Ops LAN for the 2011 season.

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  1. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Jan 20 2011

    Nice chronicle John, I'm looking forward to seeing it there too, if I get bored of Halo then I'll just switch games Wink