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  1. GoG GH3 Tourney Sell Out Performance!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 05 2008

    The GoG Guitar Hero 3 Tournament at Boston’s Restaurant in West Des Moines, Iowa was a hit! We had two divisions for participants to enjoy with a Medium & Expert divisional option available. Guitar Hero rockstars ranging from 7 to 29 years old and from all around Iowa(even one from Nebraska) came to rock, in hopes of taking home the 1st place prizes.

    Along with a huge screen and a full sound system...the judges, who determine the 5%(Expert) and 15%(Medium) Style Bonus, allowed the event to have the full flavor of a rock concert! A special thanks to Moose, from Lazer 103.3, Othersider, Andy, and the Des Moines Menace...who gave their opinions and critics for each match Very Happy

    The Expert division was a battle of first time rivals and old school rematches. With the 7 year old winner from Best Buy’s GH3 Tournament(Conner), the GoG IMAX Tournament winner(Zach/RyuBlitz), the recent CyberOps tournament champion(Matt/Palpatine), and many other top-notch players on hand…it was a spectacle of professional type gamers. These guy’s fingers moved faster than most of us can see the notes scrolling down the screen!

    The Medium division had more casual gamers, but with a higher bonus multiplier for STYLE...they rocked just as hard!

    Along with two main stages for the tournament matches, we also had two exhibition gaming stations available where people could try out Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 and the recently released Mario Kart for Wii.

    Overall, it was a great event, tons of fun, and an awesome turnout. We'll be developing the next event soon, so stay close to and enjoy all the highlighting media on the official GoG profile for the event...

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