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  1. LadyLiliBean Free 200 Achievement Points with DoD

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 18 2008

    On Xbox LIVE Arcade, you can download Dash of Destruction for FREE, sponsored by Doritos.

    You can play the role of a Dinosaur and a Doritos delivery truck. The entire game takes about 15 minutes as you weave through different small towns. When you're the Dinosaur, you need to eat the delivery trucks as fast as possible, before the time runs out. When you're the delivery truck, you need to pick up the Doritos chips without getting eaten by a Dinosaur. You unlock the achievement points as you advance on to the next level.

    Good Luck!

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 18 2008

    ...and you all know this game was developed by our friends over at NINJA BEE, right?! haha. They're the same ones we played "A Kingdom For Keflings" with and we also had a chance to discuss this fun game when we played with them last week.

    We even mentioned this game in GoGcast - Episode 1 and we'll be setting up a GoG Game Night to play with the developers very soon Very Happy

    I'll be grabbing this game, first thing when I get home, and I'm excited to play with the developers soon!