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  1. LadyLiliBean Blockbuster's $10 Unlimited - Game Reviews

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 04 2009

    If you're bored this summer, head to Blockbuster and get their 7 day unlimited pass for $10. You can rent 1 game or move at a time and rent as much as you want within those 10 days. I did this last week and rented:

    Lego Indiana Jones - Xbox 360
    Lego Batman & Robin - Xbox 360
    Marvel's Ultimate Alliance - Xbox 360
    Ghostbusters - PS3
    Little Big Planet - PS3

    I rented games that were co-op, so I could play w/my husband. Except for Ghostbusters.

    The best game of the pack is obviously Little Big Planet. I rent it often and need to just buy it already. It continues to be fun because you can play user-created levels, so the game never gets old.

    The worst game in that pack is Marvel's Ultimate Alliance. It's mundane and obnoxious. It's similar to the game play of the Lego games but there are no auto saves. You have to save at certain points that don't show up frequent enough. We played for an hour, getting through a level. We were almost done that level but we both died. When we realized we had to start over again, we packed the game up for its return back to Blockbuster.

    I watched my husband play Ghostbusters and it was a little lame. The graphics were sub par and it looked more like a game from 2001 than 2009.

    The Lego games were fun but the best one was Indiana Jones. Batman & Robin was just OK and the gameplay wasn't fun enough for us to keep playing. Indiana Jones was a game we could have played to the end because the levels were interesting, the game play & story were put together well and we could hurt each other in a fight if we weren't careful.

    In a nutshell, rent Little Big Planet and Lego Indiana Jones. Smile

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LadyLiliBean has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. BigNeen004 BigNeen004
    Posted On Jul 16 2009

    I wish I would've known you had LBP, we could have worked on some trophies together (with your husband too). Let me know when you finally give in and get it! If you're into amazon they have it for $40 sometimes. Wink

    I agree with you on Ghostbusters! I played the demo and was pretty disappointed with it. It's a shame really, I was excited about it.

  2. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jul 03 2009

    Personally I prefer the Game Pass, although I junked that for Gamefly...The Game Pass was better, but Gamefly satisfies me.