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  1. LadyLiliBean Lost Planet 2 (LP2) - A brief review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 12 2010

    Lost Planet was THE game that got me on Xbox LIVE. The campaign bored me very quickly. So, I wandered over into the multiplayer game type, where I ended up meeting some long-time gaming friends.

    Lost Planet 2 picks up right where LP left off. The gameplay is exactly the same, except now you can sprint for a few seconds burst. The graphics are decent and the story is more interesting. Instead of your typical campaign (1st player) mode, you now have the campaigns broken into chapters. Each chapter is now co-op or you can have the option for AI teammates. I haven't done much of the campaign yet but from what I've played, it seemed fairly easy and fun. I don't mind easy, just give me my achievement points! Wink

    Multiplayer is loads of fun but there are a few flaws. I abandoned ranked rooms yesterday because there was a lot of spawn camping going on. In ranked rooms, you can't invite your friends in with you either so you're pitted against randoms. Player rooms were more fun and I was still able to rank up. I'm not sure yet on the difference between Ranked and Player rooms, other than what I previously mentioned but there has to be something you acquire in Ranked that you can't acquire in Player matches.

    More importantly, kudos to Capcom for letting us have a female player! I made my gal hot and sexy. (Pictures to follow shortly)

    Gameplay is the same but with new maps. The infamous Pirate Fortress map is still there (and I think another one from the LP but I forget). A nice feature that also turns out to be an annoying feature, is that you can pick your spawn points (permitted your data post is activated in that area). The problem with that in Ranked was in an Elimination map, people were spawn camping and you were killed fairly quickly from the same person. Another neat feature but also annoying feature is the DNF rating. If you quit in the middle of a match (both Ranked and Player), you get a DNF percentage. It starts at 10% for 1 game, 20% for 2 games, 30% for 3 games but is really based on how many games you've played over all. I know these percentages because my disc gave me a disc error 3 different times yesterday and I got marked for that. It gave me a DNF (Did Not Finish) rating of 30% and I had to wait 5 games before I could rank up again. It's an ingenious idea but it doesn't take into account those people with disc errors or internet connection problems. But knowing that, I really like that idea. I don't think we can see other player's DNF ratings unless they are hosting.

    Other than that, this game rocks and I'll be there for a while!

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