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  1. krazy army girl my trip to Kentucky

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 21 2010

    well we left New Hampshire last night at 5pm eastern and got yo Albany NY at 9pm est. seemed like for ever by the way. So right now im sitting in the room (9:08 am) got up at 6am and should have been on the road but nope. P11nkP0w3r4ng4r and my husband SuperMusterhan wants to sleep in. grrrrr.... i want to hurry up and get down there so i can hook up my xbox. this is killin me already.
    i just wanted to update and will keep updating as i go along.
    miss all of you!!!!!

    GO JAKE!

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 21 2010

    Thanks for the quick update and I hope you have safe travels. You'll have to update your profile with some new pics when you get settled in at your new home Very Happy

    Tell the crew hi and that they too need to get more involved with this fine community!