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  1. trutter Wii MadWorld Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 01 2009

    Ok, Ben let me borrow MadWorld for the Wii, in turn he made me promise to write a little chronicle on what I thought.

    The first time I played the game, I had no idea what I was doing. I kept doing my own thing, until I realized the game was trying to get me to do certain things as a kind of "training mode." Once I figured that out, the game got a lot more fun, as I impaled people with sign posts, rose bushes and other things on the street.

    Then I made it to the next stage, and it was more of the same. Each move triggered the same cinematic, and it was just more more more of the same monotonous thing.

    Then the next stage. Guess what? more of the same. Get the picture here?

    I tried every button and consulted the Internet, but I could not find a SAVE feature, so I just turned it off. The next time I tried the game, it was back to training mode, with no apparent way to skip past it.

    I give it a C- grade. I mean, you should be able to easily skip the training sequence, and the game is the same thing over and over... there isn't any real challenge.

    But if you like impaling people with sign posts or throwing tires around them prior to sticking them on a rosebush, then I guess this is the game for you.

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trutter has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Oct 01 2009

    I've always wondered what people mean when they say a game is repetitive, i mean, aren't all games repetitive? You can only do so many things in any given game.

    Despite what everyones been saying about MadWorld i still want to give it a try myself. Even if its not a great game. Sad

    Very Happy Ninja

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Oct 01 2009

    I felt MadWorld was interesting but soon repetitive as well. Why do you think I let you borrow it?! haha

    Thanks for the video game review and I'd love to see another one for that Wii Resort you picked up recently.