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  1. A-Thon X Why i prolly will never play Rift

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 11 2011

    I am WAY over due for a chronicle so i figured i'd hammer one out real quick about something thats been on my mind these last few days. As i count the days until i require the necessary funds to renew my World of Warcraft account i have been tempted to give this new RIFT sensation a try.

    Earlier this year i was excited about all the MMO possiblities coming out, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dc Online, and several others that i can't even remember right now. But the more i thought about it the more i realized i would never be able to keep up with and fully enjoy so many Mmo's. After buying and playing Cataclysm these concerns were confirmed. I've been playing WoW for years, or should i say i've had an account for yrs, i'm still trying to max out my first character, currently a lvl 80 human Paladin.

    But inevitably the subscription runs out at the worst time and it takes months for me to turn it back on. But i do it because i truly love WoW, but could i do this for five different Mmo's? Or even two? i can barely keep up with one. I have aspirations of maxing a toon for every race and class but at this rate i fear by the time that happens, they will have developed some kind of TRON like device that allows the player to enter the game directly, thus making my hard work and toons obsolete.

    I have realized that these MMO's are not simply video games, but should prolly be more closely associated with their table top cousins. Because these characters, these games, they are not JUST games, they are lifestyles. This is a way of life for the ppl who play them. I can't imagine putting that much time and energy (and money) into something and then just quiting it. Table top players play their characters for years. Years upon years. The characters are in a lot of ways alter egos of themselves. I feel this is analogous to the world of MMO's. I play video games, but WoW is a Social experience as well as a game and also a way of life. It seems unfathomable to me, especially with as precious little progress as i've made, to simply move on to another MMO to start the whole process all over again. If leveling is a mundane grind, how much more so is it to move to a new environment to start from scratch?

    Idk, this is by no means an absolute and as i sit hear pounding keys to write this chronicle i feel my resolutness (?) beginning to wane. I may, indeed, find myself downloading RIFT and experiencing the free trial, discovering first hand whether the rumors of increased cooperation are true. But in the end there can be only one, and i've decided that one is my first love, Azeroth.

    P.s. As a random thought a while back i commented on the possible awesomness of a Pokemon MMO and the more i think about it the more i think that it would prolly be one of the most awesome things ever concieved of by man, and i don't even play pokemon. though i've always wanted to try it.

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  1. GunnarGirls GunnarGirls
    Posted On Jul 26 2011

    Rift is AWESOME! It is the same price as WOW and it is almost the same game play, you do quest, raids, etc, the graphics are better, and i like. If you like WOW then you will love Rift!... Good Luck

  2. Boobacca Boobacca
    Posted On Jun 11 2011

    From everything I've heard from current Rift players, you're missing out on something pretty exciting and different.

    Change is hard, especially if you've been playing WoW for years, but I know half a dozen people who played WoW from its inception that "jumped ship" to Rift and say they'll NEVER go back to WoW. How's that for a testimonial?

    I just have one last nitpicky point, because I see it WAY too much in internet forums: it's spelled "probably" not "prolly." I thought I'd throw that out there before you tackle the essay portion on the SATs.