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  1. Prodigy  Zero God of War 3

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Apr 07 2010

    Ah, my first "Chronicle" are we feeling about this? Not too Shabby as my bf would say. I completed GOW 2 a few times in '07, including unlocking costumes, challenge of the gods, and all the pheonix feathers and gorgon eyes I could find.

    I thought I loved Kratos back then, but getting to play GOW 3 after the long awaited UE just made me cream a little.

    Even on my crappy little TV the graphics are amazing, it's even better in HD and the new weapons are fantastic. The controls have not changed like Tomb Raider has so many times and although the third game gets a little vague in terms of plot, it stays with Kratos and his overall journey.

    As far as Dante's Inferno goes, it's the poor man's God of War for anyone who doesn't have a PS3. and Heavenly Sword is female Kratos.

    All in all, Sony has only gotten better.

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Apr 11 2010

    I watched my bro play this game and it is Epic! I loved it. its like watching a movie. a badass movie! Imma get it on my PSP. Very Happy