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  1. Iowa Pro Gaming TIPGC 2010 Recap & TIPGC 2011 ANNOUCEMENT

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 30 2010

    This week we've worked to not only close this year's TIPGC, but also announce the big information for NEXT YEAR'S event!

    March 11-13, 2011 will be The 2nd Annual Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge.

    If you attended The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge a few weeks ago, you should have an email sharing thank yous, highlights, congratulations, and news concerning TIPGC 2011.

    This year was a challenging event, but overall a very successful and fun video game tournament. Utilizing what we've learned and having way more time to plan/market this event, we're very excited to see what next year's event will look look like. We plan to really increase the amount of gaming stations we have, increase the team count competing at the tournament, and retain the fun/friendly environment that embraces the spirit of this unique video game community.

    Obviously being a year away, we'll wait to determine the exact game divisions we'll be offering, but feel free to share the division YOU would like to see Very Happy

    As we close down TIPGC 2010, I'd like to once again say thank you to all our participants, the wonderful sponsors, and the GoG members who volunteered their weekend to help make this event so sweet.

    Cheers to the inaugural TIPGC event, and cheers to many more!

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  1. RxySurfChic RxySurfChic
    Posted On Mar 30 2010

    Had a great time! Can't wait for next year's!