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  1. GFG 2010 BEN Dominates Bond N64

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 06 2010

    As one of the mini-tournaments at Gamers For Giving 2010, I was glad to see one of the original multiplayer FPS console titles being highlighted.

    I was telling representatives from Best Buy, who sponsored this specific gaming area, that this was a neat element to the event and that although it's not the most advanced game at the event, it may be one of the most important, recognized, and appreciated games there!

    I didn't compete in the mini-tournament, but I did take an opportunity to sit down and revisit my high school gaming days.

    The special guest, CoD Pro hastr0, a new friend who would end up being on the winning 4v4 CoD team, and I sat down to an old school battle on the Nintendo 64.

    The single stick controls for this game, the graphics, and the hilarious limitations of this game really made us appreciate modern gaming. For me, it took a moment to get things figured out, but it was kind of like riding a bike.

    I soon found myself DOMINATING these two pro gamers! lol. I went on numerous kill streaks and basically demoralized these guys in a game using only pistols. The final score was 17-3-1!

    I was sure to capture this triumphant moment with a photo (which is in the gallery on this profile), and have to admit, this was one of my favorite moments from the weekend Laughing

    Next time we're at a live gaming event, which may be the MLG Chicago Combine, I'll bring Bond, four controllers, and the N64. I challenge anyone to a match. Only practicing before we play. I had to pick it up from deep inside my gaming experience and so should you...

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On May 06 2010

    Goldeneye Tournement? I'm there!! I've said it a thousand times and imma keep saying it until it happens, bring this game to the DS! I wanna play multiplayer matches on the go with one of the best fps's ive ever played on the go!

    "it may be one of the most important, recognized, and appreciated games there!" Too right! Very Happy Ninja