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Whether it's a website for your own company, ad space on The GoG, or video game related tournaments/events, reviews, photos, and videos...Jet Set Studio can help you connect with your market in ways you'd never imagine. Let us know if you have any ideas, comments, or questions and we'll look forward to working with you to accomplish your visibility goals...
Jet Set Studio

Introducing: The Elite Squad

Be a part of the most superior, advanced and valuable team the gathering of gamers has ever laid eyes on. The members of the elite squad stand out from the crowd. They are feared leaders in anything they set out to accomplish!

When called upon to become an elite squad member you will embark on an adventure unlike any other. The gathering of gamers will be asking your aide in several fields.

1. Elite Squad Members must be ready to spread the revolution. Tell friends, family, gaming buddies about the gathering of gamers. We’re pumped about what’s happening here and we want you to be as well. Free merchandise will assist you in your quest as you tell anyone and everyone about the Gathering Of Gamers.

2. Elite squad members will help keep a watchful eye on what we’ve already built. You’ll be able to monitor forum posts. Keep the site clean by monitoring videos and images of other gathering of gamer members. We want the gaming revolution to spread like wildfire but only in a positive manner. Help us protect this home, your home, which we’ve all worked so hard in building.

3. Elite squad members will be a featured profile on the gathering of gamers. Finally, the exposure you’ve only dreamed of until now. This is your chance to be seen by the world!

4. Elite squad members will have access to hidden forums. See what others can’t. These forums will be made by you and other members of the elite squad only. Discussion is completely decided by the elite squad. Maybe you want to discuss problems you’re having with certain members. Talk about improvements you’d like to see added. Share tips or hints just between other members of the elite squad. If there’s a topic too intense for the average user to view now’s you’re chance to post it here.

The gathering of gamers wants to see what you’re made of. Send us you’re requests to become an elite squad member by any means necessary. We want the best of the best so don’t be afraid to show it, now is your chance to stand out from the gaming community. Don’t just leave your mark, leave a legacy.

My name is BEN and I'm you automatic first friend! I graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2004. I initially was in Cali looking into video game development, but landed in Iowa doing Web Development. This website represents my concept to blend the best of BOTH worlds!

I own Jet Set Studio and along with managing the GoG community, our unique Video Game Event Management is also something I really enjoy.  Whether it's working for large companies like Microsoft and BlackBerry around the country, or developing our own gaming tournaments such as The Inaugural GoG IMAX Tournament (2007) and The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge (2010); we've brought this online gaming community to life through our live gaming events!  This event management experience spawns from my work developing The Iowa 3v3 Soccer Challenge, which I sold as this project began to take life ;)

Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or comments for this unique video game community. If you'd like to be an Elite Squad member, please let me know on that front as well. Our goal is to develop a worldwide, fun, benifitial, safe, and active gathering of gamers, but we need your spread the word like a disease...

A few quick things you need to know about me....I crave Techno music and although it's become somewhat of a legend, I do truly exist!  My friends are as important to me as my family.  BEN & I developed this project with YOU in mind.  Now go and game hard my friends, game hard indeed!

My name is Troy and I am the original programmer of GoG, so BEN decided to give me permanent Elite Squad status!  I'm not gaming as much as I used to, but I'm glad to see this place continue to grow since going online in 2007.  I hope you all continue to enjoy GoG and let BEN know if there's a feature you'd like to have around here!

Hey, I'm Zach!  I do a lot of programming within this community, so I hope you're enjoying the tools/toys we have around here.  I'm headed to graduate school in Florida, to continue studying video game development. I've been a gamer as long as I can remember. Traveling the country, doing gaming events with BEN, has been amazing.

I tend to play FPS, RPG, and rhythm games. If you ever see me on Halo, CoD, or Guitar Hero, drop me a GoG message and I'd be more than happy to play you. Also, if you have any questions/comments/ideas about GoG, Computer Science, or game development; just shoot me a PM.

I'm Chris, not Bob. You can see from my profile that I grew up in the early days of video gaming. We were a little spoiled as kids, so we had nearly every videogame console and home computer that came down the pike.  The Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, Apple II, VIC-20, Commodore 64, TRS-80, and Apple IIc still hold fond memories.

My computer repair business helped spawn (no pun intended) our other little venture, which was a gaming center called CyberOps. It was kind of like homepage for local GoG event in Des Moines, but unfortunately we had to close things down in 2010.

To me, a sense of community is the goal. We're all gamers. Some of us like different things. Some of us are really good at shooters, others prefer the studied patience it takes to play something like Command and Conquer. That's why I think a site like GoG is so important!  It gives a place for gamers to meet with other like-minded individuals and talk about the things we actually care about. We want to make gaming a SOCIAL experience and not something you do by yourself in a dark room (not that there's a thing wrong with that). What amazes me is to see social status being dissolved, as so many of us are stripped down to the lowest common denominator - the love of gaming...

The name is Nick. I’m a born and raised, Iowan gamer that have been dominating every system I’ve touched since I was 5 years old. The drive to win is what makes me who I am. I am a beast in any FPS game on Xbox 360. I don’t play in MLG events, but play with many of the pros online. I’m in college and enjoy helping with GoG video game events.

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon and I have been playing video games since the dawn of time. I'm 23 and live in Iowa. I also co-host the GoGcast!  I rock the plastic guitar, but play almost anything that will get me achievements.  My game collection is expansive, so if anyone is up for a game, feel free to drop me a FR. I look forward to gaming with you!

My name is John.  I'm 14 years old and live in Iowa.  I'm not sure what I want to do with my life, but I love Baseball and I'm thinking about video game marketing as a career.  I have been a GoG member since 2007 and have really enjoyed it.  I rock the PS3 and Xbox 360 with my gamertag, lilbiz73.  I enjoy FPS and sports games the most.

I do not play competitive yet, but I'm working on getting a MW2 tournament team together.  I really like it here on the GoG and love spreading the word about this friendly gaming community, as well as, going to our video game events and meeting a lot of cool people. If you have any questions or just feel like chatting, PM or comment on my profile.  In the meantime, keep gaming!

My name is Kupo_Cakes. I have a lot of hobbies like painting and playing music, but the number one thing I'm into isnt a hobby, but a lifestyle; and that's gaming. I think the reason I did so bad in school was due to excessive ditching, in order to stay home and finish up a game or two, lol.

I find myself online constantly, reading up on what's new through Internet forums and video game magazines, so I'll do my best to update everyone on what I find!  Feel free to message me with requests if you wanna know about certain games, and I'll see what I can do!  Thankies!

My name is Curt.  I'm 30 years old and I live in Mt. Pass, CA. I've been a gamer since the Commadore 64 and Atari 2600. I've played probably every genre there is, and I settled on fighters and TPS's as my specialties, so check out my profile for a couple of my favorite games.

I play video games at least 4 hours a day. On weekends that goes up to 8-10 hours. I started several forums over the years but they never really took off, so I'm excited to help develop this unique video game community!

Now I do what I can to spread the GoG, whether it's posting it on different forums or leaving fliers around Las Vegas. Nonetheless, I'm all over this place and will be responsible for keeping our members updated on what video games are being released each month, so stop by and say hi anytime!

My name is Jacob.  I live in Iowa and am working on a CS degree at ISU.  I love soccer, techno music, and my favorite system is the Xbox 360. I have always been an avid fan of the Halo series and I like alot of things on the Xbox Live Marketplace. MLG Dallas 09 with BEN, was a major highlight since getting involved with this gaming community.

My name is Anna-Maree and I'm over here in Pennsylvania.  I'm known as RxySurfChic.  I'm 20 years young and video games are my number one hobby/past-time, but I'm pretty much into anything n3rd.  I play video games competitively.  While I prefer the FPS genre, I pretty much play anything!

You can either find me around here or on Xbox Live.  I'm really nice once you get to know me and if you don't mind the occasional 'that's what she said' jokes, feel free to hit me up :]

Hello everyone, my name is Harrison and I go by derno. I currently live in Michigan and have been gaming since I can remember, all the way back to the NES!  I've owned almost every Nintendo console/handheld and also love the Xbox 360.  I was mostly a PC gamer until I saw WCG Ultimate Gamer and now I primarily enjoy console games.

One of my claims to fame with the GoG, is that I drove practically across the entire country and on my way home, stopped in Iowa for the GoG 5,000 Party!  That was a crazy night and I'm sure I'll see you at an another GoG video game event soon.

Howdy folks! I'm a female who likes to play video games and loves to win. I love gaming with my husband, other female gamers, and GoG members. I'm an advocate of Education and I think this country would be better off if we were all more educated! In my free time I love to travel, cook, and most importantly, play video games.

I'm glad to be an active part of the GoG because after all, In GoG We Trust! Feel free to contribute to this site as much as possible and let us all know more about YOU!

My name is Ethan, but ,most people know me by IceCream.  I hold it down for Texas and I'm a 20 year old competitive gamer. I'm known for being pretty friendly and outgoing.  I support good sportsmanship in the game, but still want to win.  I mostly play Street Fighter and Halo, but I'm down for almost anything.
My other hobbies are photography, working out, basketball, cooking, and traveling .  If your at any gaming event, come say hi !  My main goal is to build this great video game community, to be bigger and better than ever, so welcome to the GoG people!

My Name is A-Thon X (hold for applause).  I'm a 29 year old, Puerto Rican male and an avid gamer. I'm an Art major at Texas A&M Commerce.  I love Metal, drawing, and a little gardening, but only to hold the zombies at bay! I also love my Nintendo Wii.  My favorite games are World of Warcraft (PC), Halo 3 (360), Left 4 Dead (360), and The Conduit (Wii).

I try to keep the GoG community up on all the latest Nintendo news. It's a dirty job, but someones got to do it.  Have fun on the GoG, kids.

I'm Nino from Pittsburgh, PA. I design and travel with interactive childrens exhibits for the Carnegie Science Center and game as frequently as possible! I'm primarily a casual PS3 gamer, but I do a little PSP/Mac/PC gaming too. RPG's are my faves, but I also play a lot of GH and RB2 with an occasional FPS, fighter, or racing game.

Besides gaming, my other obsession are Horror movies! If you feel the need to chat about slashers, zombies, monsters, ghosts, or anything horror-related, look no further!  Stop by and check out my games list on my GoG profile to see what I'm currently into.  I update it frequently and don't hesitate to send me a friend request!

I would like to say that I am proud to call myself a gamer! I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 and never looked back. Along with video games, board games, dice games, card games, and pen/paper RPGs are all included in my gaming interests. Some call it an obsession and some call it an addiction, but I call it a way of life!

My attention shifted from console video games to computer games when I received a Commodore 64 for Christmas. The moment that I figured out that I could acutally *write* games via programming changed my life forever. The programming skills I learned trying to write games growing up has served me well in my career, and my career has increased my programming knowledge to assist me in writing games. How many other people can say that their job and their hobby feed off of one another? Or that they are even passionate about both of them? I consider myself truely blessed.

I have been gaming since the days of Blue Max on the Commodore 64 and haven't looked back. I currently reside in the great state of Iowa and also helped to build  My XBL name is the same as my GoG username, so look me up sometime and we can get our game on!