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This Web Site: is a web site for the video gaming community. The site allows video gamers from all over the world to interact with old and new friends and share photos, videos, gamertags, video gaming stories, video game reviews, and video gaming techniques with the other Members of the video gaming community.

Accessibility of Information: To fully interact, communicate, and connect with each other, Members post certain personal information, stories, photos, and videos to their profiles. ALL POSTED INFORMATION AND MATERIALS ARE ACCESSIBLE BY OTHER MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY AND THE PUBLIC AT LARGE. Though, while non-members can view community information, they cannot interact with any of the Web Site tools until becoming a Member. Please note that all posting and sharing of personal information, photos, videos, and other information is done at your own risk.

Collection and Use of Information by and the Use of Cookies: First, collects and uses the information submitted by Members on their profiles, such as name, email address, gaming preferences, age, and other unique personal information, for certain purposes, including but not limited to, sign-up purposes; sending notifications and updates to Members; verifying and/or authenticating Members; the oversight of the Web Site; the improvement of the interaction and communication among Members; security purposes; and the providing of relevant services, advertisements, and products to the Members. Second, collects and uses Member information not specifically submitted by the Members, such as IP address, user data, and browser type, for certain purposes, including but not limited to, the management and oversight of the Website; the customization of newsletters, emails, Web Site content, and advertisements; security purposes; tracking usage by the Members; and other improvement of services of the Web Site. Such information may be shared with third parties to assist in providing relevant products, links, services, and advertisements to our Members. Lastly, we may choose to store information from your browser and record session information through the use of cookies for certain purposes, including but not limited to, those listed above.

Promotions and Contests: If a Member submits personal information, such as name, address, and phone number, for a promotion or contest on, we may transfer all such information to third parties involved in such promotion or contest. This Privacy Policy does not cover personal information given to third parties under this provision.

Advertisements and the Use of Cookies by Advertisers: Advertisements that appear on this Web Site may, at times, be directly delivered to the Members by third parties, and when this happens, such parties receive your IP address and may download cookies or other similiar applications onto your computer to determine the success of their advertisments by recognizing each time that they send you advertisements. In this process, such third parties may compile information about you regarding when you link upon the advertisements. We do not have access to or control over the use of cookies placed onto computers by third party advertisers, and this Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies by third parties.

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Invitations to Non-Members: stores the email addresses that Members provide and use to invite non-members for certain purposes, including but not limited to, adding such people to the Membersí friend list. Recipients of such invitations may contact us at to request removal of their email address and other information from the Web Site and database.

Modification or Removal of Profile Information: Members can easily access, modify, add to, or delete any of their profile information, stories, photos, and videos through the editing tools on the Web Site. Such modification of information will be automatically updated in a reasonably prompt manner. If a Member would like to delete/remove their entire profile off the Web Site, that Member should contact us at Please note that deleted information may remain in backup copies or elsewhere on the Web Site for a short period of time, but will be no longer generally available to the other Members.

Opt-Out: If you no longer desire to receive emails, notifications, or other communications from, please edit your profile preference within your own profile tools, use the unsubscribe link within an email, or contact us at

Children Under the Age of 13: We do not knowingly solicit or allow membership into this Web Site to anyone under the age of 13. If you are under 13, do not attempt to register on this Web Site or otherwise send any information on this Web Site. In the event that we discover that someone under the age of 13 is a Member on this Web Site, we will remove that profile in a reasonably prompt manner and no longer allow access to that person. If you believe that a person under the age of 13 is a Member or otherwise sending information on this Web Site, please contact us immediately at

Web Site Security: We take reasonable precautions to protect information submitted by the Members through use of member-created passwords, a server firewall, encryption of payment and password information, and other measures. We prohibit access of certain account information to employees and technical support staff unless such access is necessary for that employee's work on the Web Site. Notwithstanding, absolute security of any and all information submitted by the Members cannot be guaranteed due to the possibility of unauthorized use of the Web Site, Web Site failure, and other causes, so all use, posting, and sharing of personal information, photos, videos, password and payment information, and other information is done at your own risk. Further, because email is not a form of fully secured communication, we recommend that Members do not send private information to us or other Members via email. Lastly, we are not responsible for circumvention of any privacy setting, violation of any provision in the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions of Use, circumvention of the security measures contained on the Web Site, or any other unauthorized use of the information on the Web Site. If you are aware of any unauthorized use, please contact us at

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Use of this Web Site and Modifications of the Policy: Your use of this Web Site and any dispute arising therefrom is subject to this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modifiy this Privacy Policy. If the modification is non-material and/or minor, the modification in policy will take effect immediately. If the modification is a material change in policy, the modification in policy will take effect 30 days from when it is posted on the Web Site. While we will strive to send you e-mail notifications of any material modifications, we do not guarantee notification of every such modification, so Members are strongly encouraged to regularly refer to this Privacy Policy to fully know of and understand its terms.

Transfer of Ownership: If the ownership of this Web Site changes, we reserve the right to transfer all account information to the new owner as is reasonable necessary to operate and maintain this Web Site. The transferred information will remain subject to this Privacy Policy, but such Privacy Policy can be modified as set forth above.

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