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  1. Devin "Grand Theft Auto V" User Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 13 2016

    This video game ďGrand Theft Auto VĒ is one of my favorite games to play for fun. There is so much to do in this game that you will never get bored. In the story mode, there are 3 characters, you have to complete a story mode for each person. Iíve never seen any other game have this many missions to it but itís really fun though. Iíve not played any other Grand Theft Autos so I canít say this is the best one out of the whole series. A really well developed video game.
    Like I said before, there are 3 characters with a story mode for each player. You can switch between the 3 at any time you want to except on some missions. On a lot of the missions, all 3 characters link up and you can play as any one of them during that mission. There is actually a lot of missions in the game if you combine all 3 characters. Itís really not that difficult to control the game, using a controller is fairly easy as long as you look at the controls menu.
    Next, the graphics are really impressive. Everything in the game looks somewhat real even though itís a video game. The characters look really good in some scenes they may look pixelated but you can expect that from a game. The sound is good as well. When you drive a car, crash, and drift, the sounds are really good. The game also has music tracks, you can change what type of music you want to listen to while driving by holding down a button. ĎGrand Theft Auto Ví is a game that you want to play again. There is so much to do in the game that you wonít get bored easily but after hours of playing you will.
    This game is all around the most funnest game Iíve played in a while. Itís really interesting how the stories from each character fall into one story. You can play this game from either a third person view or first person view. You can also navigate on foot or by vehicle. I really want to play the other games in this ďGrand Theft AutoĒ series. Canít wait to play ďGrand Theft Auto VIĒ.

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