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  1. formalkilling Battlefield 1 (PS4) Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 31 2018

    The first thing that I have to say about this game is it was amazing. It was the first person shooter that the community has been waiting for. Battlefield 1 delivers on so many different levels that I will cover in this review.
    The first thing that Battlefield 1 has going for it is the time period the game takes place in. It is a game that is set during World War 1. There are not a lot of games that focus on World War 1 or at least this well. Not only does it take place in this time period but it actually feels like you are in that time period while playing. The weapons and vehicles really help cement that.
    Let’s start with the campaign. I played through the campaign the first time on hard. There were a few parts that I got stuck on but nothing too major. I would recommend that anyone who plays video games often starts on hard so it is not just a walk in the park. There are 6 different mission lines you play through all contain different characters and you can play them in any order. For me this is a huge disappointment. Yes, it did give variety to the settings and the chance to experience different sides in the war but, when I play a single player game I play it for the story. What I mean by play it for the story is I like a game where I start feeling for the characters. A good game can always be spotted when you are happy when the character is happy or sad when something happens to your character. Don’t get me wrong I did feel for some of the characters but, that just left me wanting more of their storyline and not want others. The campaign having different storylines did add to the experience too. It gave you the chance to be a pilot or be able to operate a tank and just destroy anyone in you path. On the other hand, it let you sneak through the desert or storm up a mountain with a light machine gun. Overall the campaign was solid yes I would have like to see more missions in each story line then to see so many story lines but, I still enjoyed it a lot.
    Next let’s take a look at the multiplayer. I have to say I have always enjoyed the more realistic feel that the Battlefield games have had to offer and this one doesn’t disappoint. In this installment of Battlefield, they did cut out some game modes but they added some too. One of the main game modes that was missing and was a huge let down to me was Defuse. For me that was my favorite game mode to play in the Battlefield 4. I did find other game modes that I found very entertaining. For me these are the three best game modes in Battlefield 1 and they are: Conquest, Operations and Team Deathmatch. All three have completely different play styles and it feels like you are play a completely different game for each. Conquest would probably be the mode that I played the most because it is hands down the best mode to rank up in. One thing that really threw me off was the weapon choices for some of the classes. For instance, when I played previous Battlefield games I was a medic and had an automatic weapon but for this game I didn’t. That was very upsetting for me to find out and really makes me think my chances of revisiting the game are lower.
    Next I want to quickly talk about the graphics. The graphics looked amazing in this game. Whether it be crawling through a forest at night or blowing up airships in the midst of the fire fight I never got to a spot and thought it didn’t look amazing.
    The major downfall for me on Battlefield 1 and why I didn’t give it a higher rank is because of the game's length. I was excited to get this game for months and I achieved the platinum trophy in less than a week. For those who do not know a platinum trophy is getting 100% of the trophies which are essentially just challenges for you to do in a game. When I played through both the campaign and the multiplayer I saw very little replay ability which disappointed me. If I had a choice now I would wait and get this game for around $30. I would not spend $60 on it again just because of how fast I completed it.

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