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  • Halo 3 (360)

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We are a halo3 clan with some cod4 and cod4 andcod wow here looking for competition and friendship. visit our web site at www.myfreewebs/ I am the founder and head of the clan. we try to keep it like one big family and we try and help each other in such a way. if you would like to join our family send me a line or look me or one of our members up on halo3.

What it means to be wild and free

The fresh cool air brushes against my fur as I run wildly along side my pack.

Out into the open ,endless land with freshly fallen snow, the bright blue sky , the clear,sparkling water,the tall, massive trees, and the strong feeling of being free and unstoppable so strong it makes me howl from deep inside. The courage and confidence run high in my mind as my heart beats fast and furiously as I rush across the vast wilderness.To us wolves this is what it means to be wild and free.

by Nick

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