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  1. krazy army girl Girl gamers

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 25 2009

    I want to know something.. this question is for the guys out there on xbox. Why is it that yall think we are 12 yr old little boys? Then when you find out we are girls ( read gamer tag) you say that we are fat, ugly and get in the kitchen... I cant believe that guys/boys/little kids talk like this to girls on the xbox! Its sad! Well guess what guys... Girls are going to be everywhere in your life so you need to start dealing with it. We will not wait on you hand and foot, yes we cook, yes we raise kids, and work..when we get home and get on Xbox we dont need to hear your mouth yelling at us about all this crap. Do you talk to your mother like that? or even your g-friend? Thats just wrong.
    so going on....

    If anyone would like to play against the COD WAW division goto Gamebattles and our ID is 4276219 we will play 3v3 or 4v4 on hardcore team death match ONLY.. Bettys and perks ONLY guys!
    If there are any girl clans out there that would like to play us or just scrim please let us know.

    Thanks for reading
    Foxy Prince55

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krazy army girl has 3 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. krazy army girl krazy army girl
    Posted On Jul 26 2009

    i know xbox live came out on the old xbox, i ws there for that. and yes i got the same crap but not as bad. not from the "older" people like i do now. i can see people getting mad when a girl jumps in a room and starts acting all stupid and saying " u dont like me bcs im a girl" as for Team Foxy we wouldnt do that we would jump in and star calling out as well. I have noticed on xbox live alot of girls wont even say anything bc as soon as they do they get crap. i think people should grow up and play the game period.

  2. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Jul 25 2009

    Wow I think Jack made a really really good point. I think its great that everybody can play games its just gets to me when say Im just running some callouts in H3 matchmaking and some girl wants to fight with her own team saying "what you guys dont like me because im a girl" that just really start fights rather than just hoping on line and playing like there is nothing wrong. But about all the bs some people give you girls im very sorry but Jack said it best Just keep on keeping on!

  3. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jul 25 2009

    The funny thing is my mom doesn't do any of those things Laughing , well occassionally she cooks. Anyway I'll let you in on a little secret. First let's go back to the early days of Live (back on the first Xbox, yes there actually was just a regular Xbox before the 360! I know I forgot too! Laughing well that was fun, but back on topic now). Before whenever a girl was playing live, very few guys ever assumed the girl was fat or whatever. It was much less common to find a girl gamer back then, and let's face it, guys generally do find it pretty attractive when girls play videogames. So most of the time they were harassed in other ways...

    And now let's talk modern day. These days girl gamers, while still uncommon, are definately more common then before. And I believe this is more commen in men, that they feel they have to be the alpha wolf. They have to be the coolest, a sense of power and what not. And let's face it, hitting on a girl over live sounds REALLY pathetic doesn't it? In the back of their minds I'm pretty sure the insults are just bs covering up the fact that they find it attractive that a girl plays games and that they wanna look cool. Insecure is another good word for it.

    Anyway that's what I've taken in from what I've seen in my time, I admit I could be wrong, but I stand confident on this one. Just keep on keeping on, I can't stand bigots/racists/sexist/ect. Not that I won't laugh at an offensive joke, it's when it isn't a joke that sets me off.