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  1. krazy army girl Any girl out there?

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 30 2009

    How come i cant find any all girl gaming clans besides TEAM FOXY on the COD WAW hardcore TD ladder? I would love to play against one. atleast i would know we would have a great fun game without all the shit talking from the guys. anyways if there are anygirls out there in this cyber world that would like to play COD WAW with me let me know my GT is FOXY PRINCE55 or TF COD PRINCESS. comeon girls i know u are out there. it is time to step up and kick some guys butts!

    as for the guys out there come play against an all girl team IF U DARE!!!!! lol

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krazy army girl has 5 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Astraea360 Astraea360
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    I am on the same page as you. It's hard to find other female gaming clans on this perticular title. Maybe that will change with mw2

  2. MzChaos MzChaos
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    I don't W@W myself (I am pretty bad) but I know there are lots of PMS gals who play.....

  3. walkblind walkblind
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    any guy that talks shit on a girl gamer should have his console busted with a bat while he watches. what is this, the dark ages?

  4. MrBigJeezy MrBigJeezy
    Posted On Jul 30 2009

    I don't have WaW anymore, but if you wanna play MW Wink Or maybe when MW2 comes out y'all can come whip me at that one instead Shocked

    Anyway, on the point of guys talking crap, I don't really understand that. I think it's awesome there are girls out there as interested in video games as me :P

  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jul 30 2009

    I have heard this is the place to find female gamers! Hopefully a few will step up Shocked

    For me, it's basically Nazi Zombies only...