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  1. krazy army girl Project Natal

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jul 31 2009

    So I was just sitting here thinking while i was having my last ciggy before cleaning and i picked up the GameInformer and was thumbing through it.. I stopped at the page where it went into Project Natal. It asked if Microsoft was going to be going to this kind of game mode in the future. i mean no controllers any more. This is when i started to get scared... Not for me but for the people out there that cant get up and move around.. Is this going to restrict them from playing video games at all? like the skateboard one.. i know the people that cant move much just wont be able to play those kinds of games, but is that right to do? I personally dont think so. I have a great friend NOM4D which is in a Paraplegic and he only can play with his mouth and face. he has a special controler and does MLG. So where is that going to leave him with the new games? Also when i get older and want to play video games and im hunch back with my hip broken i wont be able to play these kinds of games either. no matter what age you are you should be able to play a game. people say "games are for kids" well i think if you dont stay young at heart then you will hate life and die quicker. So to all you older gamers (including me) out there, stay young, laugh lots and let things roll off your back. Life is too short to too worry about the little things. Also to the ones that worry that people talk about you, think about this.. if they are talking about you then your must be something great! and they are also giving someoneelse a break! lol
    i know i got off track at the end but i will end with this..

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krazy army girl has 4 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Astraea360 Astraea360
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    Never will, this is just another wii type system. And while they can be a ton of fun, there is no way it will ever take away from the good ole controller consoles.

  2. krazy army girl krazy army girl
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    well i am glad someone reads these things.. lol thanks for the feedback JD ur the greatest!

  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    I don't think controllers will ever die in our lifetime. Until computers can read our minds, gaming will always be based on some sort of device in your hands.

    I'm not saying that additional peripherals (like Natal) won't add numerous elements to the mix, but don't fear this too much, because we got a LONG way before computers are reading and reacting to our inner thoughts Wink

  4. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Jul 31 2009

    First of all, great to know you smoke! I know it seems odd, but believe me I've been told by enough people how to live my life and how awful smoking is...And it's one of those things that irritates me more then anything!

    Secondly, it's good to know that you care about people with disabilities. I do too, in fact when I saw 2 at a metal concert I got extremely pumped because it was the first time I had seen someone in a wheel chair, and someone with some kind of disfiguration and mental incapacity enjoy some truly heavy music (I mean with harsh vocals, the truly heavy stuff). Anyway I disagree. Games should not be targeted for the whole universe of people. Nothing should. I mean yeah, they have the right to enjoy games like the rest of us, but just because a small minority of people can't physically play or handle something offensive in a game, does not mean that should hinder everyone else. Of course it would be great for everyone to be able to play the games, but understand that if we do allow the whole equality for everyone, eventually someones gonna complain that vowels are used in bad words, and they should be made illegal. And they will, then you no longer can use vowels for the rest of your life without being labeled a criminal. Sure that may be an exaggerated point, but I think it gets my ideals clear.

    And finally about the last part. Some people are more self-concious then others. They can't help how their brain works, and unfortunately advice like that can't save everyone.