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  1. krazy army girl Games and hubby

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 15 2009

    As so of you know I am and with a clan called Team Foxy Pro Gaming. Go check us out at . We are made up of all girls and love to play different games. Yes we will be there at MLG Dallas.. also check us out on

    So anyways Ben wanted me to update what was going on with me. My husband came home from South Korea until Sept 3rd. then he is heading back until June of 2010. We dont know where we willl get stationed next but you all will still see me kicking around at different events and on the GOG also on GOG podcasts. Right now I am still playing COD WAW but have been bouncing to COD4 and playing some Lips, RB, GH, Kung Fu Panda (which is kicking my butt) lol. I think i will be picking up Battlefield here soon just for something different to do. plus i need more achievements. im at 11727 for gamer score. my goal right now is 20k.
    My husband use to play back in the day of halo2, so he thought one day he would jump on his account (been paying for it for yrs) and so he played COD WAW campaign all i heard from the other room was swearing and yelling "WHERE THE BEEP IS THE BEEPING GUY BEEPING SHOOTING ME FROM" keep in mind he is a military man so he has a mouth on him. so at that point i am almost peeing myself laughing because i knew what part he was on. it was the one where u have to snipe the dude before he gets in the truck. omg it was funny and he hasnt played since.

    but we r having a great time since he has been back and sorry for not being too active on here. when i am on the internet im doing clan stuff or ordering XFUEL at . i sell it aslo to people around here in NH. and i drink and live off it myself. great stuff.

    well im off i have to get ready for a gig tonight. so i will catch yall later. bye bye
    Foxy Prince55

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