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  1. krazy army girl wives and gaming

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 25 2009

    ok so i have been seeing alot of guys wondering how to get their wives on the game. well for one thing you have to sit them down and show then the game. not just a game you like... guys not all girls love to kill things. (keep this in mind) there is only 1.5 million of us. lol anyways take her to Gamestop or walmart or whereever u get ur games.. have her look at a few games. bcs you know when she was a kid she had a system, ask her what she use to play. say pac-man or something. she will correct you really quick if it wasnt. maybe she was a compter gamer. then maybe she was into duke nukkem. wahooo i loved that game. anyways...she could play UNO on live, pinball, or any board games. start with that.. that would atleast get her into it so she wont hate the xbox so much and think it is taking up all your time.
    i use to be like that until i got introed to halo2. my husband was always on xbox live and i always thought it took up all his time and never wanted to spend time with me. then i played it. omg i was hooked. but i grew up playing games. just not as much as i do now. i was more into board games and stuff like that. also was never inside much. i use to be very clingy.. not anymore... all i think about is gaming. im not telling you this to get rid of her or anything but im telling you this so she will understand why you love playing games so much. good clean fun.
    i hope this helped.. probably not but try it. doesnt hurt. intro her to other girls online and then she will want to play more.
    alright i think i am done.

    how did all the other girls on here start playing games???? please let me know.
    Foxy Prince55

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krazy army girl has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 27 2009

    I read this to Jodie today, haha, as we played some Halo 3: ODST last night and even got to play some Mario Kart today...that's TWO gaming sessions in a single weekend Laughing

    Thanks for the thoughts you shared though and I'd like to hear your husband's response to his success, haha

  2. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Sep 25 2009

    You mean sit her down...and talk to her?! Crickey! Thats just crazy enough to work! LOL

    Sometimes i don't really consider my wife a gamer because she only plays puzzle games, but as far as hours of gaming goes, she probrably plays more than i do.

    The DS is her system of choice, i just got her a brand new (used) pink DS, and i got her her favorite game (Pass the Pigs) for her birthday. She also plays Dr. Mario, Tetris, Sudoku, and lots of Card/Casino games. On the Comp she plays Chuzzle and stuff. So i guess in a casual way, she is very much a gamer.....i just can't get her to kill anything. LOL

    Very Happy Ninja