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  1. krazy army girl another hacker,,with name

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 07 2009

    ok now there is another hacker that is threatening my daughter he is a 21 year old chit head. he is saying he is going to hack her accnt bcs he has her ip address and is going to send bots to her xbox to fry it. is this something soemone can do? i am getting sick of people on xbox saying and doing this crap. why dont they just play the game and leave people alone. this is happening bcs he asked her to be in his clan on halo3 and she said no. so now he is freeking out. he also said he is going to fry my xbox steal my accnts and steal my credit cards and rack up charges on them. for one thing i dont have the credit cards on the accnts any longer bcs of the last hacker. thank god. he also said to her (which she recorded on a digital voice recorder) that he is going to change her credit and start credit cards in her name get her ss# and change her finger prints. keep in mind this 21 yr old is a construction worker. lol
    his gamer tags are DXR ITWA5LUCK and BLU3POWERRANG3R so if anyone sees him on halo3 watch out.
    this is why i dont get on halo3 bcs of these little kids and their hacking. i think youtube should stop letting kids put videos up showing them how to hack peoples accnts. like the famos hacking clan TSGH. someone has to do something about this. now who will it be and who can i goto about this. i know of alot of people that have been hacked i also know of alot of modders out there. now lets go on to that subject... modders... ok... why mod? on cod waw we see alot of the players on there using their mods with the M1A1. come on people if u r that bad that you have to use a modded controller or even a modded xbox get off the damn game. it just proves to everyone that you suck at the game. now as for the people who sell them.. you suck as well.. you are promoting cheating. i know u r just doing it to make money but you are just making a bad name for yourself. i know you dont care what people think as long as you are making bank. now onto microsoft..... DO SOMETHING... you have people that have been with you for years and years but still keep getting hacked. i am so close just to say heack with it and not play at all. the drama with the hackers it getting out of hand here. GROW UP...
    you dont even dare to except someone new on xbl anymore bcs you dont know if they are gonna hack your accnt or not. This use to be a great place to play and have fun but it is sucking ass now. thats why i dont get on much anymore.
    oh well.. i had to vent..
    thanks for listening.
    Foxy Prince55

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Oct 07 2009

    Yeah, its getting pretty bad. Especially on the Wii and The Conduit since the Wii isn't as sophisticated its a lot easier.

    Some folks on other forums have talked about setting up a list or something of Hackers and Modders. This might be something The GoG could consider. just a thought.