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  1. krazy army girl my take on things

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 23 2009

    "black Friday" i will not go shopping on that day there is no way. you know how many crazy ass people are out there shooting people for certain items. then the retailers don't get enough stuff in and this is why it happens.
    it is just like valentines day.. there shouldn't be one. this is a day for a guy or a girl to make a point to go out a spend money to show someone they love each other. which they should do without a certain day to tell them to do so.
    Easter: another day to spend money. we don't need Easter baskets, go egg hunting, is this what this holiday is about? NO i don't think so.
    Thanksgiving: i understand going out and spending money for a huge meal, but you should be making meals every night anyways.
    Christmas: this holiday is all messed up, i know it is great for lights and all, but they get you with the electric bill, then all the presents, the food, all the parties etc. there was only 3 wise men i think that gave gifts, so why do we all go out and but so many and then still feel like we didn't do enough?
    Halloween: it is a fun holiday, but why give kids candy? start giving them healthy snacks, that's what i do..maybe that's why i don't get too many kids. but look at how our kids are growing up. here i am busting my butt to lose weight why would i want candy in my house and give it to kids so they can gain weight and hate themselves and have other people pick on them.

    If your gonna spend money on people you don't know why don't you give it to a good charity. I give to many and volunteer for many. No i don't work, take it that as you will.. i don't care, but you will always see me helping someone out when i can. i think people should start helping out their own country and stop out sourcing (xbox, capital one, MBNA, most major company's) time to help out our own people, we need the jobs, we need to get this country back on our feet.
    i think i went off track here like i always do..
    (screaming where is the spell check button)

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  1. krazy army girl krazy army girl
    Posted On Nov 23 2009

    im saying wouldnt you want to give to charity? im not all about money. im thinking about other people as well... and the way the economy is going right now. looking at the future..

  2. JackDaniels624 JackDaniels624
    Posted On Nov 23 2009

    Here's some thoughts, I don't necessarily agree with all of them, it's just another point of view.

    Black Friday-It keeps the retail stores in business, without it many people would be out of a job.

    Easter-Hiding eggs for kids is much better then telling them Jesus came back to life...and much easier for them to understand.

    Thanksgiving-Well, every family I know gets together with more then just the usual people, so really its one family making a big meal for everyone in the family to bond together.

    Christmas-Jesus probobly wasn't born in December, no one knows the date. I've heard it most evidence hints towards early November. The first Christmas (iirc) was when Saint Niklaus went around a village asking parents if their kids were naughty or nice. If they were nice, they got presents, if they were naughty, coal. It's just a tradition that keeps the spirit of our ancestors alive. You really don't need to over do it with all the lights and gifts, really it should be about spending time with the family. Plus Santa makes a great story for the kids.

    Valentines Day-Again, you really don't need to spend that much money on the day. Sure it's a BS holiday, but you can go a cheaper route. It's just another day that reminds people that they care so much about someone else that they want to make them happy.

    Halloween-First of all, one day of getting a lot of candy would not make a kid fat. Plus walking around that much would burn off some calories. Also some people can't really lose weight at all due to genetics. That's why there are so many diets, not a single one of them has been proven to be effective for the vast majority of people. And again, this is a holiday for the kids, if you have trouble with self-control so you don't want candy around the house, that's your deal, but kids shouldn't be afraid that eating a lot of candy one day a year will make them fat.

    And while I agree giving money to charity is a great route, spending money on someone you actually know is just another way of showing you care. Speaking of which you seemed to be obsessed with the money factor. I know I personally have no problem buying someone expensive Christmas presents. If it makes them happy great! Like the Beatle's say, "I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love". It's true, plus they also said "I get by with a little help from my friends". I know I'd much rather be broke and have one or two true friends then have money and friends that use you for it. So when it comes down to it, I am the kind of person who will, and has spent money on someone else and sacrificed being able to get something I wanted because I felt I was paying them back for all they've done for me. That's just my personal view.