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  1. krazy army girl 1 vs 100

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 23 2009

    So late last night since no one was on MW2 I went and played 1 vs 100. I didnt know they put achievements on that game. I was playing right along (not doing good at all) then an achievements popped up. it was because i got 3 wrong in a row but i got the instant answer thing. wow that was the easiest 20 ap i have ever gotton. they have a total of 12 achievements on that game, one is answer 100 questions right, 500 questions right, get 5 questions right in a row, get 7 questions right in a row. so if you like to get achievements there ya go.. try 1 vs 100

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  1. Wolvatron Wolvatron
    Posted On Nov 23 2009

    Awesome! They've finally added achievements. That MAY inspire me to try to play it again.

    Maybe. Wink