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  1. krazy army girl TourneyPlay #4 - Seattle Trip

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 19 2010

    Our trip to Seattle for the GameCluck's TourneyPlay #4 LAN event was great! We had a lot of fun while in Seattle and didn't want to come back!

    This was the girls first live tourney and this is why we went to a local event, to get used to everything before this game really took off in the gaming world. One of the teams lost only by 2 points, I know 2 points is 2 points but still it was a great learning experience for us and we will be doing it again very soon!!!

    It was great to meet all the girls, take them all out to lunch, see the sites of the city, and have fun! It was also neat to see some GoG presence at this event, which I wasn't expecting, but they were promoting The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge all the way in Seattle?!

    Anyways, I've got photos posted in my profile and we'll see you all on XBL. PAX EAST is the next planned event for me, see we'll see you there and also at other video game events!!!

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