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  1. krazy army girl 2 year deployment over!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 07 2010

    Well the 2 year deployment has finally come to an end! wahooo. Hubby is flying in tonight and I am happy! (jumping up and down) I havent seen him since Aug 2009 but I have been doing alright with it. thank god for having an xbox. I dont know what i would do with out my games.

    So when he gets home we will be packing up the house here in NH and moving to Fort Campbell Ky. Anyone down in that area??? The only good things im seeing right now about it is that i will have hubby for 6 months (if im lucky) but i will be in the center of the states so i can goto more events! I will be 10 hrs from Dallas, 8 hrs from Chi-town, 45 mins from Nashville! oh and you cant forget about the Kentucky Derby! can you see me with a big hat on going to watch horses? HA HA HA i would do it and video tape it though. good for my you tube.

    so anyways Ben i might be able to goto your events now since i am going to be in the middle! I do know we as in the Gunnar Girls are going to the UK for a tourney this coming year! But tickets are cheaper then flying from one coast to the other. So we are going to try it! sounds like alot of fun. and yes i will record it!!!!!

    i will keep in touch, im not leaving for 2 weeks so u will still see me on and off xbl.

    Foxy Prince55

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krazy army girl has 3 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On May 07 2010

    Hope you can make it some of the GoG events now, there tons of fun and filled with techno Wink

  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 07 2010

    Good luck with this new adventure and be sure to stay connected around here. Also, now you've got a bunch of new people to share the GoG with! lol

    See you on XBL this weekend...

  3. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On May 07 2010

    Nice! Attack of the Show has this Gaming with the troops thing you can do over XBL. Have you done that yet? That would be awesome to still get to play games with your spouse while they're where ever.