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  1. krazy army girl Im in OHIO!!!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 22 2010

    Last night we stopped in Mansfield Ohio in a pet friendly hotel. So im going to tell you what kind of hotel to stay in if you are traveling with a dog... Best Western. These usually arent the type of hotels for me, i am a Hyatt or a Hilton kind of girl but they wont let my 45-50 lb dog in there. so I have to stay at the best western.
    We will be leaving today (i hope soon) and we are driving right through to Kentucky. I will be spreading the word about Jake on the way since he only has a few more days left of WCG season 2. here is his link if you havent voted.
    he is the only one not giving away free stuff, like games, microsoft points, etc to vote for him. no he is not sexist.. he is at 51% right now THANK GOD! he should be..

    but anyways im off. i have taken little video clips of the ride but only with my phone. so we will see if they transfer over. have a great day everyone and the next time i get on here i hope to be in KENTUCKY!

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