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  1. GFG 2010 Day 3 - GFG 2010

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 06 2010

    After a few great days of getting to know some of the folks involved with GFG, Astro, and Gunnar, we had finally reached Saturday and the actual Gamers For Giving event!

    I (BEN) went early with Zach Wigal to help make the polishing touches at the venue and prepare for the day's adventure. Zach was excited/nervous, so I was glad I was able to be there to calm him down and encourage him through those last few hours before a big event Wink

    We arrived and soon after, participants started to show up. With zero sleep from the previous night's Halo Reach Beta LAN, I had a special kind of energy. I found myself very energetic, talkative, and having a great time!

    All morning and into the early afternoon, games were being played and the atmosphere was great. The venue was packed and I was impressed by the GFG staff. They really worked together as a team and having 20+ guys helping out, really made a difference. I hope next year's TIPGC can have some similiar support for sure!

    Anyways, the tournament pressed on and the brackets started to be filled out. It was fun to see so many matches get completed, even though I literally only watched the championship matches later in the day. I suppose I was busy networking, sharing the word of GoG, taking photos, and catching up with a few friends who were also at this event.

    It was cool to sit and watch Walshy (Carbon) and Totz (Final Boss) destroy almost everyone that stepped up to challenge them in Halo 3. I was scheduled to play them, but we all went to lunch instead. I suppose this was alright, as I was able to keep my dominate gaming intact. (I plan to write another quick Chronicle to explain this dominance, which was in the form of Bond on the N64!)

    The group decided to eat at the sushi place in the Briarwood Mall. I was hitting a serious wall from the lack of sleep and food, so this was not a good idea. I love sushi and eat it all the time, but this was the worst sushi I had ever tasted! I had to take a bathroom break and actually eat a pretzel after we left, since that crap was completely worthless, haha. I survived though and continued to enjoy the day.

    Later I would find myself being the assistant, in a photo shoot for Gunnar Optics. I felt like the boom guy in a porn, but it was a good time and we got some neat modeling shots. I also learned more about photography, which is always neat, so thanks Josh!

    The tournament started coming to a close and I enjoyed sharing the excitement of the winning teams. The Red Bull girls made things interesting and the event ending right on time was an unexpected treat.

    Overall, this day's event went smooth and I was very impressed with the organization and execution from Zach and his team of so many great GOF volunteers. I'm eager to bring these guys to Iowa next March, so we can build The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge to be something as similarly awesome as GFG 2010!


    This week, the tournament organizer Zach Wigal, released a very nice summary letter on Facebook. If you'd like to read even more about the event, check this out:!/notes/zach-wigal/a-letter-from-zach-gamers-for-giving-recap/387011027860

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  1. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On May 06 2010

    Wow, these events are always a treat, but to visit one that was run profesionally and smoothly with plenty of help from everyone mustve been a real treat. Great trip! Except for the sushi of course, thats just tragic. Sad