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Video Game Reviews

Have you ever wanted to voice your own Video Game Reviews, opinions, experiences, and secrets? If so, the Gathering of Gamers is a video game community build just for you! Use the Video Game Chronicles tool to open your book of tricks, hints, and ideas to people all around the world.

After you setup your own free profile, you’ll have access to a full line of tools that allow you to customize everything about your gamer profile. You’ll stay busy updating your bio information, uploading to the photo and video galleries, making new friends, communicating within this worldwide video game community, and enjoying a wide-open space to voice those Video Game Reviews, opinions, experiences, and secrets in your own Video Game Chronicles.

Whether is reviewing the latest video game on any system, giving some strategy hints to those in need, or even dropping news, secrets, and cheat codes…the Video Game Chronicles tool allows you to write, post, and blog about almost anything!

Take your Video Game Reviews one step further, by attaching photos and even videos from your personal galleries, to support these rants and raves! Imagine posting a photo or video of your special move or Video Game Review, to support your chapters within the GoG Video Game Chronicles.

Now for the secret ingredient…

Not only will this Video Game Reviewing area allow you to voice your favorite things about your gaming world, but we’ve also weaved the GoG Rating System into the Video Game Chronicles. This means that if you have a loud enough voice and enough good ideas that people rank highly, you could be featured on the homepage as having the hottest video game advice, Video Game Reviews, video game secrets, or video game strategies amongst a worldwide audience.

Combine your Video Game Reviewing popularity, with a place on the Elite Squad and you’ll be your own video gaming icon in no time! We encourage you to use your Video Game Chronicles as much as you please. The more you post and interact with other gamer’s postings, the better chance you have to be highlighted in the featured area of the Gathering of Gamer’s homepage.

We’ve given you a voice for all to hear! Be honorable and proud of your Video Game Chronicles. Also, be sure to review and rank other community member’s Video Game Chronicles with fairness and consistency, to ensure our community can reward those gamers that have worthy content to share.

Quick…start Chapter 1 in your own Video Game Chronicles today!