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Gamer Type:
Atari lover

Game Hardware:

  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari 7800
  • NES
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo Wii
  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation 2
  • Sega Genesis
  • Xbox 360


Donkey Kong, Frogger, Frogger II, Mario Brothers I, II, and III, Mario Cart, Mario Party, 007, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero I and II, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, SimCity, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Mortal Combat, Pinball.

Game Genres:

  • Action-adventure
  • Arcade
  • City-building Simulation
  • Pinball
  • Sports
  • Strategy

Gamer Bio:

I'm an old school gamer with a love for Halo players who I can beat you at old school games like Donkey Kong and Frogger.

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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 12 2008

    Guess what's already online after just recording it tonight?!

    The file download is not the smoothest way of sharing our first GoG podcast I know, but we'll make it smoother very soon. Be sure to grab the file from the homepage for now though Very Happy
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 29 2008

    Vote For GoG!
  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 13 2008

    You should Chronicle about your latest arcade experience with Mario Kart Wink

    It's 2 - 2.5
  4. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 22 2008

    Only a few days until the Ozarks! I can't wait Very Happy
  5. BEN BEN
    Posted On Apr 19 2008

    Mario Kart is coming soon! I can't wait to play it with you Very Happy
  6. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 17 2008

  7. BEN BEN
    Posted On Mar 02 2008

    Your driving skills were amazing! I have to admit, you had some great wins last night and that last race was intense Very Happy

    Are you going to write a Chronicle about your super sweet arcade racing skills?
  8. BEN BEN
    Posted On Feb 18 2008

    GREAT job on Saturday...we couldn't of done it with YOU!
  9. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 27 2008

    I can't wait to go fishing with you this week Wink
  10. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 23 2008

    Hard Drive MAGNETS, nonetheless Wink

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