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  1. Devin "Forza Motorsport 5" Game Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 13 2016

    The video game ďForza Motorsport 5Ē is one of the most realistic racing games iíve played. Yes there is probably a more realistic racing game out there that i havenít played but thatís my opinion. The funnest thing about this game is just racing and trying to beat your own record. That may seem simple and boring but to me itís really not. To control the car and other specs of this game isnít really difficult so Iíd say thatís one of the things that is good about the game. Now the gameplay is really interesting, I like how there are a variety of things you can do in this game. This game is just really fun to play and one of my top favorites.
    One of the good things about this game is the graphics, itís spectacular. Itís crazy how real a video game can look on a screen. Such as, when you crash your car, it looks fairly real and you can also see some parts of your car with detailed scratches. As well as seeing specs of paint scratched because of hitting other cars. The cars in the game are also very detailed and the circuits you race on area really detailed as well. Also when driving, it looks really cool when you drift around a corner.
    Also, another well developed thing is the sound. The sound is amazing, it really does sound like a real car when you start pushing on the gas. When you crash the car it sounds like how a car would sound when it crashes. The sounds of the engine is really excellent and when you brake too. I think this game is worth replaying, it does get boring after a couple hours of playing. Thatís with a lot of games though, itís good to take breaks when playing so itís not that much of a big deal.
    Forza is all around a very fun game and I couldnít possibly regret playing it. Even though this was the first racing game of the series Forza Motorsport Iíve played, I really enjoyed playing it and I will continue to play it. For a racing game, I had low expectations for this game and I was really proved wrong. After playing this game, I want play other Forza Motorsports!

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