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  1. formalkilling WWE Supercard Review

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 31 2018

    Let me start off by saying this is probably the most addictive mobile game I have ever played. This is a card game that is based around World Wrestling Entertainment better known as WWE. That is all it is a card game. The cards are the superstars each having their own unique pictures and stats. You use these cards to battle other peoples teams.

    It mind sound like a basic game but, there is a ton to learn. There were different ways to increase and level your cards. Building a compatible team using superstars that benefit each other and provide stat boosts.

    I have to say personally I have spent over 50 hours playing this game. From laying in bed to doctor office waiting rooms. It can be played anywhere you have a mobile data or wifi. I probably will end up playing another 50 hours. This just shows the vast amount of content delivered by the game.

    The best part is the developers are constantly updating the game. Whether it be adding in new tiers of cards to time-limited events there is always something. It helps to make sure the game never gets stale.

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