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singer has 2 chronicles

  1. singer Mario Party's

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 01 2007

    They may seem a little bit little kiddish, but in truth they're awesome (at least I think so).

    If you really hate games that are overly repetitive and it feels like you've been trying for hours but aren't going anywhere, these are good games for you.

    There are a bunch of mini games that are fun and entertaining, along with the party mode where you can play against the com. or with friends. It sometimes goes a bit long, but you can set it.

    I'm going to drop off subject a little bit here. -

    I couldn't think of something to do a chronicle on so I just picked a game. Please don't laugh.

    Ok, back on topic. Now what was I talking about?


    This game has a lot of different cool functions for the impatiant, and the patiant at that.

    I really like these games and I hope you do too! Very Happy

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Chronicle Comments

singer has 10 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. jakab11 jakab11
    Posted On Oct 12 2007

    I like mario party games but they are more of games that I rent, cuz I only play it during a party...

  2. Watrus Watrus
    Posted On Oct 11 2007


  3. mermaidgirl mermaidgirl
    Posted On Oct 10 2007

    Great review. Pretty much sums it up. I love the mario games!

  4. Posted On Oct 08 2007

    I would agree, everyone needs a little challenge in life and even though these games might be repetative they don't lay down as easily when you present a challenge. And for every challenge you conquer, the sharper you become! Good chronicle! Ninja

  5. trutter trutter
    Posted On Oct 08 2007

    wha huh?

  6. natsnot natsnot
    Posted On Oct 07 2007

    Cool Singer! Mario was my all time favorite for years when I did game more, him and Louigi (his bro if he's still around) have always been a blast.

    Great chronicle too, you funny! lol Laughing

  7. HAX9000 HAX9000
    Posted On Oct 05 2007

    That pretty much sums it up! My wife LOVES mario party, we must have nearly every version by now. Good times good times... Ninja

  8. Tyke332211 Tyke332211
    Posted On Oct 05 2007

    this is great singer! funny too. great job and good game choice

  9. codeh4x0r codeh4x0r
    Posted On Oct 03 2007

    Ah... Mario Party. Smile

    It started out on N64, then moved to GameCube, and they now have a version on the Wii also.

    The mini games are somewhat similar to Fusion Frenzy, but FF doesn't really have much of a "main" game to tie the mini games together. MP is, bascially, a board game where after everyone has a turn, then a mini game is played. Where you land on the board (red or blue space) determines which team you are on, so it can range from free-for-all (if everyone is on the same team) to 2vs2 to 1vs3. There are also special board spaces that let you challenge one opponent 1vs1 or just solo games. The "games within games" concept is big fun. Smile

  10. Andy Andy
    Posted On Oct 03 2007

    I was going to say the same thing Ben did.... but he got to it 1st I see. Fuzion Frenzy and Mario Party's do sound similar. TRANSLATION.... I'm sure it's just as SWEET!! I take it the game is for Wii... haha, of course, Nintendo Very Happy

    Thanks Singer... Loved it! Keep it up and happy gaming Wink