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  1. miselj Shots with Shishka and MLG Dallas

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Sep 11 2009

    Day 1

    First off....Dallas was a blast. I got to miss out on a Friday of school to have one of the times of my life. Always a good choice to ditch school. Ben and I left the airport around 11 and we got into Dallas around 1:30. Went to TGI Fridays and got to get way buzzed before even 3. Went to the venue which was just spectacular. I have never attended an MLG event and I have to say that I am so impressed with the set-up. From 6 years ago when they first started to now where they overload websites for voting from awesomeness haha. I got to watch Ben and his team get schooled. I think Ben had deja vu of college. After watching the opening rounds we finally got to have a great night. Partying till 4 in the morning was the wise decision that night. It was filled with fun, new people, LAN, and some events I don't remember but I am sure where amazing.

    Day 2

    Day 2 was a haze from about 9am till 2 pm before I could finally feel my face. Got some nice mlg swag as well as talked to a lot of people about the GoG. Met Walshy, got him to sign my zip up hoodie. I felt awesome haha. Met Hysteria and SK from Triggers Down was a treat. Those guys just straight dominate. The rest of the night was filled with lots of partying, where I beat BEN in UFC. I have never touched the game in my lfie and knocked him out second round with a head kick KO, I will continue till death to remind him of this. Saturday night was great to hang out with all the PMS, DSO, and Team Foxy girls, as well as with the other gamers there that where always down for some fun. The next phase of the night is a blur, but still memorable in parts. I somehow ended up in the bars downstairs talking to Shishka about Bungie Studios and what they look for in people they interview...(I want to work for Bungie Smile ) Shishka and I than went to the actual bar and had some shots called "Mind-Erasers". They certainly erased my mind because from that point on I only remember waking up in 2 chairs that had been pushed together. I impress myself sometimes. Sunday ended up being a bittersweet day as we said our goodbyes and left the marvelous MLG tournament in Dallas. I definitely am going to attend another event in the future because of this experience. Thanks to everyone in the GoG who made this experience enjoyable.


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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Sep 10 2009

    Nice story telling here. I think you covered the basics for sure, haha, and I agree it was a great time! I'm glad we made this happen (last minute) and it was a pleasure traveling with you and helping to bring the GoG to MLG Dallas 09.

    I thought A-Thon X's comment was funny and although it was not a total kind of was Wink

    Remember the theme: Party All The Time

  2. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Sep 09 2009

    this was the best

  3. A-Thon X A-Thon X
    Posted On Sep 09 2009

    LOL Your the second person whose chronicle i've read that had such a great time they can't remember it. Was there a Major League Drinking tournament there at the exact same time. Very Happy Ninja