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  1. MLG Dallas GoG Party #9192

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 06 2008

    Throughout the day and as we were meeting people, we started to plan a GoG party for our room after the day’s event. Leo (GoG Member: spifly64), Zach, and myself may have told too many people, but it worked out because around 11pm and after the day’s matches were over, people started to come up to room #9192.

    We had a flat screen going with Halo 3, wireless routed Internet, people signing up on GoG, music, drinks (for those over 21), and good conversation. As the night progressed, more people continued to come into our standing-room-only hotel room and we estimated that we had 25-30 people that were always flowing through the room, with a total attendance of maybe around 40-50 people…we even joked about taking the beds out of the room, haha. One very cool thing was that KGB Soviet, a slaying beast from the pro team Instinct, joined us and even played a few casual games with everyone. Needless to say, he and Sam took care of business and easily grabbed a few wins in Team Doubles, but I also had a cool conversation with him and was able to get more insight on what being a professional gamer on a top 7 team is actually like!

    The party continued until the inevitable complaints started piling in and security decided to pay room #9192 a visit around 1am. With a fine Ciroc/Cranberry drink in my hand and as the “Registered Guest”, I told the fun-hating hotel staff we’d settle down. Security left and the room continued as if they had never came, haha, but I did mention that the next time they come back the party would be over, so I encouraged some teamwork to stay quiet. As hopeful as I was, I knew having 20 gamers actually be quiet was impossible and within a half hour, the party was over and I killed the security guard’s anger with kindness as everyone left peacefully and quietly Very Happy

    Many people went their separate ways, but some took the party outside of the hotel. We cleaned up the room, then I went down to join the others and actually had a cool opportunity to chat with the senior website developer for MLG and all their websites. We enjoyed the evening awhile longer until it was time to duck in and prepare for Sunday’s championship day.

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