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  1. MLG Dallas Championship Sunday

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 07 2008

    Today was the day where the names you know come to play. Pro teams like Str8 Rippin, Triggers Down, Carbon, Instinct, Final Boss, Ambush, and Classic automatically received a bid for this single day, double elimination element of the MLG event. The eighth and only unknown spot with Sunday’s bracket goes to the overall champion from the open portion of the previous two day’s tournament. At MLG Dallas, Legendz beat out Breaking Point (many people’s favorite) and Anti-Gravity to secure their spot for this day’s Championship Series.

    Zach and I got to the main hall early, to check out the warm up session and were invited behind the ropes to chat with some of the team coaches and get some up close photos! You’ll see many of these uploaded to the MLG Dallas profile, so be sure to check those out.

    After enjoying warm up, we had some guys we met at the GoG Party in #9192 save us a few hot spots in the front/center of the main stage bleachers. We got some GoG fliers going around the stands and some GoG Skins were being handed out as well. Others from our growing GoG crew found some spots around our perfect seats so we were set right in the heat of battle. Even with the metal bleachers bearing down on everyone’s butt and back, we were into the action all day long and the crowd was pumped up as they enjoyed the big name teams battling it out. I’ve never seen gaming like this and it was quite a treat. I found myself clapping, hollering, and chanting as though I was at a contact sporting event!

    My main highlight was connecting to chat with the MLG PR representative, sharing what we are doing at Jet Set Studio, and chatting about the idea of working together somehow. Zach had given me a challenge of getting up to the VIP area above the main stage on Friday and I was excited to pull through and complete the achievement, haha. This conversation has a long ways to go, but it was great to have this opportunity and I’ll be working to make the relationship stronger in the coming months. Wouldn’t GoG be a great place to bridge the gap between professional players and more of the common gamers like us? More to come on this, but know we made our mark at MLG.

    As the finals approached, the excitement grew. Unfortunately, Zach and I had to bounce early so we could get on the road and arrive home for some scheduled things on Monday, but we had our new GoG members updating text messages throughout everything we were missing Very Happy

    Triggers Down first lost to Final Boss, which put them into the Loser’s Bracket. They fought back from behind to beat Instinct in a heated series and after beating Final Boss again to move into the finals, they faced the unbeaten Str8 Rippin. They beat Str8 Rippin in the first series to force the Championship into the second series and in a dramatic finish, Triggers Down won the last match by 2 points in Team Slayer!!! (This text that you’re reading does not give this situation’s excitement its due credit.)

    The day was awesome and a great finish to a great weekend. I believe Jet Set Studio and made a name for ourselves and we’re excited to have the new members joining us. The only downside to this is that GoG Game Night may be a bit more competitive now, haha, just kidding! Be sure to send some GoG Friend Request to each other and let’s use this unique community to connect with even more gamers. We’re looking forward to seeing more of our new MLG friends soon and let’s hear from anyone who is planning to attend the Pro Bracket National Championship in Las Vegas next month!

    If you’re looking for more juicy details on individual performances, additional information, video/photo feeds, and commentary…you can check out the MLGPro website here:

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