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Only the finest from 2008.

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Alright, here's how this all happened...

Around a month before this live event, BEN was contacted by the company who was developing the guest list for this evening's event. After some good discussions, it was setup so that any GoG member who wanted to attend the event, could do so for free through their affiliation with

With late notice and the event being held in Los Angeles, California, our community was only able to find 8-10 people who will be attending the event, but that doesn't mean we all won't enjoy the coverage that these GoG Members will provide for us...not to mention the live coverage on TV Laughing

Each of GoG Members who are attending will have access to this event profile, so they can upload photos, videos, and Chronicle to highlight their experiences AND also bring new members they meet at this event, to connect through this event profile.

Thanks to all who are represented this video game community at Spike TV's 2008 Video Game Awards and let's see some after party action!

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Spike TV VGA has 4 chronicles

  1. Spike TV VGA VGA Experience: Cy4n

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 19 2008

    So me and my buddy Slim drove down from NorCal, San Francisco area to LA for the VGAs... roughly five or six hours each way. But the event itself really w...
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  2. Spike TV VGA The GoG Members Attending

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 10 2008

    With Spike TV's 2008 Video Game Awards being held live in LA, only a select few will be representing us at the event. A special thanks goes out to these G...
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  3. Spike TV VGA 2008 VGA Categories

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 10 2008

    Here are the many categories that will be awarded at this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles, California... * Best Independent Game Fuel...
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  4. Spike TV VGA Vote For Most Anticipated Game

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Dec 10 2008

    We know not all of you can attend the awards show this year, but you can still get involved! The Most Anticipated Game category is based on our votes and ...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 10 2008

    I also just found out that BasketBabe's guest for this is Fatal1ty, who is her long time friend...pretty awesome and tell him he needs to join us here after the awards Wink
  2. BEN BEN
    Posted On Dec 10 2008

    Good luck and have fun everyone who gets to attend! I wish I was able to make it, but with previous plans it just wasn't going to happen Sad

    Owell, I'll rock a charity gaming event here in Iowa that same day and I'll be looking forward to seeing all the action you each provide this community Very Happy

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