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  1. LadyLiliBean 1 vs 100

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jun 10 2009

    I couldn't see if someone had already chronicled this freebie yet. 1vs 100 has become the new game to play on XBox Live, that has now (and finally) included my two older sisters and a few new gamers. You can download the free Beta from the Spotlight section of Xbox Live.

    1 vs 100 is a trivia game (using your avatar as your character) that puts you against thousands (many times 50k plus) of other gamers/people each night. I think it starts around 7pm on weekdays but the live games that include prizes, run on Thurs, Friday & Sat evenings.

    The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress. There are 37 questions per game with breaks in between. You can get 8 people into a party to play together but only 4 can be in the same trivia "room". If you're in the same trivia "room" together you can see each others score and avatars.

    Check out your spotlight on Xbox Live for more info. See you tonight!

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LadyLiliBean has 2 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. LadyLiliBean LadyLiliBean
    Posted On Jun 10 2009

    I've been playing since Tuesday night and haven't seen one E3 question. Tons of general questions, from Star Was trivia to Geography to Music.

    I wish we could pick the categories like Jeopardy but then I guess the game would be called Jeopardy. LOL

  2. meeveret meeveret
    Posted On Jun 10 2009

    I hope they add some more general questions soon. I don't know how many new people we are going to pull into gaming asking very specific questions about E3! lol