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Malicious Vixen
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  • Cell Phone
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My first love when it comes to multiplayer games was GRAW. After playing that and GRAW 2 for a couple years I moved on to COD4 & now COD World at War.

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  • First-person shooter
  • Sports
  • Third-person shooter

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I started off playing video games on a system that I can't even remember the name of. Shortly after my brothers, sister, and I discovered the Atari. Wow...we fought for hours over who was going to play and for how long. Finally after constant replacements and repairs on the Atari we retired it. I was probably in the 5th-6th grade. By the 8th grade I worked my butt off and saved every penny I could and bought myself the Nintendo shortly after it came it. I played hours and hours of Mario Brothers. Then of course I have purchased every Nintendo after that. I was addicted. I have also owned the PS1, PS2, Sega Genesis, Xbox, and now my 360. How I discovered online gaming...well I am a fan of the Splinter Cell games. When Double Agent came out I decided I was buying my 360 and a new TV so I could play it in HD (yeah pathetic to spend all that money just for a game...but its true). I played the game, beat it quickly, then bought GRAW. I played GRAW for about a day and then thought..."hmmm, what's this xbox live all about? it's free for 3 months so i guess i could check it out". Well here I am and I am now playing everyday...usually for way more hours than I should. I love it though and I am sure it will always be something I do as long as my hands continue to allow me to pick up that game controller!

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  1. Twisted Rookie Twisted Rookie
    Posted On Dec 22 2008

    Hello and welcome Vixen, I wanted to pop your comment cherry but I guess taking 3rds isn't all that bad. l0l
  2. LadyLiliBean LadyLiliBean
    Posted On Dec 21 2008


    Can't wait to see you guys in a week!
  3. KilloWertz KilloWertz
    Posted On Dec 20 2008

    Somebody's stalking me, I mean hello Vixen. Wink
  4. MediocreShannon MediocreShannon
    Posted On Dec 20 2008

    You are an awesome friend. Always there when I need you. Very Happy

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