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Guitar Hero: World Tour

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The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA is getting into the gaming scene! We're starting with "Family Guitar Hero" nights and hope to build up interest for tournaments and even entire "gamer weekends"! Please share your thoughts, hopes and experiences right here!

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~~CSC~~ has 2 chronicles

  1. ~~CSC~~ The Guitar Hero Electric Lounge!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Feb 04 2009

    You've never played guitar hero like this!! I'm excited to share with you that CSC is about to launch The Electric Lounge! Come join us to rock out in ...
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  2. ~~CSC~~ Unique Guitar Hero Experience!

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Jan 08 2009

    The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA is hosting Family Guitar Hero nights throughout January and February! You'll play on stage surrounded by e...
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  1. BEN BEN
    Posted On Jan 08 2009

    The Carnegie Science Center ROCKS!

    Can't wait to visit you in 2009 and great idea with this dedicated GoG profile Ninja

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