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  1. BEN Major Red Dead Hardships

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on May 25 2010

    Ever since committing to the idea of picking up Red Dead Redemption, I've had nothing but hardships with my Xbox 360 experience Sad

    The challenges began when I tried to save a few dollars and didn't get the game shipped quickly from Amazon.con. I went this route because Dynafire told me I'd get an extra gift card, which I'm uncertain about actually receiving, but that's not really the main issue here.

    Anyways, I waited almost a full week after the release date and last night I FINALLY got to check out Red Dead Redemption. Obviously there's more issues than just late delivery, so here's the really annoying thing...

    My Xbox 360 is acting up bad. The machine will turn on and play for 5-30 minutes, then an odd thing happens. While playing, the game gets loud, freezes up, and when I go to restart the machine I get the RROD! Nooooooo!

    Oddly enough, even with the RROD, the machine will start back up and run for another short stint, before locking up again. With my luck in this saga, after a call into Microsoft, my extended warrantee dried up just a few months ago, so I'll be either paying $100 for a repaired box or more for a brand new one.

    Even through all these hardships lately, I was able to sample Red Dead Redemption and I'm a pretty big fan. I've heard the analogy of this game being GTA with a western skin and I don't think that's completely fair, but it does feel similiar. In fact, my wife saw the game I was playing and said, "Is this western version of Grand Theft Auto?" lol

    I just hope I don't get mid way through the game, quit playing, and never come back to I did with GTA IV.

    If I indeed replace this Xbox 360, it will have served me VERY well. It's more of a traveling trophy than anything else, because this box has traveled the country and had countless hours played on it! If this replacement does happen, expect an "Ode To THIS Xbox 360" Chronicle Laughing

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BEN has 5 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On May 29 2010

    Yeah BEN, it sucks when the Box stops working, later today I'll upload my photos and chronicle of my xbox that I fixed a few days ago.

  2. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On May 25 2010

    im on my 3rd lol

  3. BEN BEN
    Posted On May 25 2010

    It hurts every time my friends, but I just submitted the repair order online and will drop my second $105 on repairing this machine.

    I sure do love the Xbox 360, but it's on these days I really question how long I'll want to wait until Microsoft fixes this issue once and for all!

    We'll see you all in 2-3 weeks

  4. Dynafire Dynafire
    Posted On May 25 2010

    Yeah, the standard free shipping takes about a week, but I thought it was worth it for the $20 gift card. I received my code today, so keep an eye out. It IS coming.

  5. xKyriEx xKyriEx
    Posted On May 25 2010

    At least it still managed to work for a little bit. Nick's just flat out died.