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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 28 2010

    Well folks, TODAY is this video game community's 3rd birthday!!! It was August 28th, 2007 that we went online and brought this place to life.

    So much has happened since then and it's impossible to share all the adventures I've enjoyed through this project, so I thought I'd leave this Chronicle for the community to share some of their favorite memories.

    I'm sure this will only end up with a comment or two, lol, but prove me wrong friends...

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BEN has 4 comment s on this chronicle.

  1. Pwnster Pwnster
    Posted On Aug 31 2010

    Its been fun, were going about 90 mph down a straight highway, lets hit 100 mph before i ship!
    Happy belated bday GOG

  2. Im Marksman Im Marksman
    Posted On Aug 30 2010

    It's been a drive, but the race isn't over.

    Happy B Day GoG!

  3. BIGMercenary BIGMercenary
    Posted On Aug 30 2010

    I joined September 27. Wow, can't believe it's actually been that long. My best memory is when you guys sent me that t-shirt for writing a blog about what I thought of GoG. I can't really wear the shirt anymore since it shrunk in the wash, but I still have it!

  4. DeadManFloating DeadManFloating
    Posted On Aug 28 2010

    Joining the GoG! Laughing