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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Oct 13 2010

    I have the most Chronicles within the community, but lately I've been slacking. There's a ton happening with Jet Set Studio and this video game community lately, so I'm going to use this single Chronicle to get you caught up quick.

    JSS Video Game Event Management
    Alright, let's see, a few weeks ago we had another video game event for Jet Set Studio. Im Marksman hooked us up with a local college and we ran a fun 7-gaming station event. The photos were sweet and along with the best ones in my own profile, I should have them all organized over on today.

    We also hosted a few Halo Reach events at my electronic/vodka hotspot in Des Moines, Lime Lounge. You've likely seen the neon-flavored photos, so that's been a lot of fun and we plan to host another all-night event when Call of Duty: Black Ops drops in November!

    The GoGcast has been blowing up. This season we've been focused on having special guests on our community-driven podcast. Pro CoD player, Hastr0 was on the show this week, while we had a representative from Nyko, the founder of SFX-360, and gaming celebrity, Prodigy X on the show in the past 4 consecutive episodes. Check out the GoGcast Season 4 for sure! In fact, listen to it while you read the rest of this:

    Halo Reach
    It's the only game I play until Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    New Game Reviewing Blog
    Another quick thing we've been working to enhance, would be a small blog at We had a few writers volunteer and our goal is to share content that may allow us to make a little revenue on Google AdSense. Inbound link development for SEO is also a focus, so check that out if you'd like.

    The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge
    Speaking of inbound links, I've been ultra-active on & I've been working (and playing) in these major social media outlets, in an effort to continue sharing this community, what Jet Set Studio is all about, and spreading The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge around the country.

    Speaking of TIPGC 2011, lol, I've been working hard on developing sponsorship support for this unique event coming next March. I hope you'll bring a team and party with us in downtown Des Moines. Things are really coming together and I believe we'll double up on gaming equipment, registered teams, sponsorships, and watch out and stay connected to!

    My Tournament Activity
    There was a small tournament in the Des Moines area. We did not manage the event, but I attended to help with gaming equipment and to connect more people with TIPGC 2011. It was a small turnout, so they threw together a small 2v2 tournament. ZES, Rank3d, and friends were there and since I had been playing with these guys online, Rank3d and I teamed up. Unfortunately we went 0-2, which puts my competitive tournament record at 0-6, lol, but we had a good time and it was fun to PLAY at a gaming event instead of only running the tournament.

    JSS Company Blog
    As a reminder, is where we organize what's happening with JSS. For you neophytes, Jet Set Studio is the company that manages this project and offers professional video game event management around the country. A neat topic that dropped on this company blog recently, was the BA frames we'll be utilizing to present our TIPGC 2011 sponsors on all the gaming stations next March. I'll let you bump over there to check this out yourself:

    Writing A Book
    I may be collaborating with a good friend, to write a book. All I can say is that the concept is still pretty rough, but yeah, that might be interesting?!

    MLG DC is this weekend and although I'll be vicariously living through Im Marksman and team "Nightmare Syndicate', I've got my sights set on MLG Dallas in November. We've already got the JSS Hospitality Suite on lock-down and I'm fairly certain this will be the hottest place to party in all of Texas that weekend!

    Focus Fire
    After MLG Dallas, the next event I plan to attend is Focus Fire on December 11-12, 2010 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. John and Vivi came to TIPGC 2010 and we plan to collaborate when expanding TIPGC 2011, so I'm eager to see how they manage their own big event and continue networking with these guys. It sounds like they have a large fighting game community, so I'm also looking forward to meeting more of those players to connect with our potential third game division for TIPGC 2011.

    GoG Forum
    It's been fun following along and adding my two cents over there, as always. It's tough to stay updated on all the chatter that's happening in the GoG Forum, but by using the "View Unread Posts" tool, I stay ahead of the game! When is the last time YOU jumped into the conversations?
    We're working with a new friend named Benzur, to redesign this important outlet for our company. To me, it's one of the weakest and outdated websites in our collection of sites and being the representation of our growing company, it's time to get a fresh look. A lot remains to be done, but I hope we're able to have the new site online asap.

    MLG Sponsorship Contest
    I wanted to have the ballot for our 4th sponsorship contest online before the weekend, but we'll see. Derno is a busy man and it's not the easiest thing to get back online. We do plan to have another contest for MLG Dallas though, so watch your profiles for that voting opportunity soon!

    Secret Stuff
    There are neat things happening that I can't talk about, but I just want you all to know we're continuing to build this project and what is offered within this unique video game community!

    I'm trying to think of anything else...

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  1. MaTrIx MaTrIx
    Posted On Oct 17 2010

    What can we say? You sir are the king!

  2. freakadoshiz freakadoshiz
    Posted On Oct 14 2010

    awesome got a lot of stuff coming up
    your should let me in on the 'Secret Stuff'
    im pretty good at keeping secrets Wink

  3. lady smashley lady smashley
    Posted On Oct 13 2010

    Great chronicle! So many things to look forward too!! Very Happy

  4. Rank3d Rank3d
    Posted On Oct 13 2010

    Yeah, sorry my backpack was already full of school supplies and there was no room in there for you, it was still pretty fun. We can keep working on our teamwork online and become an amazing doubles team.