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    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Mar 27 2011

    I let many of you down, with my ongoing interest in shooters, but the next two games I'm looking forward to this year is Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3.

    Not being a big GoW fan in the past but still owning GoW and GoW2, would it be valuable for me to play these titles in order to have more success (and fun) with the upcoming Gears of War 3 title? After seeing it at E3 2010 and feeling like it was ready back then, but then watching the developers take it to the next level and continue polishing it for almost another year, I have to think it'll be a new caliber of third person shooter.

    I also enjoyed Battlefield 2 and although I didn't play it much after MW2 dropped, I've been hearing great things about Battlefield 3 and the renewed dedication from Dice developers. I always liked the sniping in this title, so hopefully that will be just as awesome, if not better Wink

    I'm sure I'll find a reason to buy a few other titles before the end of the year, but these are the two I know I'll own the day they are released.

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  1. SweetIceCream SweetIceCream
    Posted On Mar 31 2011

    Battelfield 3 looks great! And you should be pumped for gears 3 it will be different than 1 and 2. And graphic wise and they added a teamdeath match mode that has been asked by the mlg crowd to be put in and it has! Im hyped!

  2. punx92 punx92
    Posted On Mar 29 2011

    Battlefield 3 looks fucking amazing!