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  1. BEN Garage Sale Goldmine

    Player Chronicle -- Posted on Aug 12 2013

    I can't remember the last time I stopped by a local garage sale, but last week I was too close not to stop in to see what kind of crap they were selling.

    As I got past the used kids toys, gross clothing, and furniture I wouldn't wish upon my own enemies, haha, I came to a table full of movies and video games. Along with some great movies to add to my collection, I snagged some solid video game titles like NCAA 2013, God of War 3, and more. The best part was that they were only $1.00 each!

    Now I don't see myself hitting up another garage sale any time soon, but with the steals I was able to find at this garage sale, I thought I'd share this thrifty idea with the GoG community. Cheers!

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    Posted On Feb 12 2016